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The Adorable Snowman by Stephanie Burke

Not even the coldest of blizzards could chill the heat of his lust…

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Happy Birthday to Me by Stephanie Burke

Mason Klien, larger-than-life alpha, is just what Maxie needs to make his birthday night special.

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Absolute Perfection
The Adorable Snowman by Stephanie Burke
Broken Wings Pt 1
Broken Wings Pt 2
Greek Style by Stephanie Burke
Happy Birthday to Me
The Holy Dark by Stephanie Burke
How Not to Date a Bear
How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Part One)
How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Part Two)
How Not to Date a Centaur
How Not to Date a Changeling
In the Company of Strangers by Stephanie Burke
In the Red Zone by Stephanie Burke
Perfect Sense
Santa's Slay
Angel Falls 3: Snake
Sunspots Part One (Angel Falls 4)
Sunspots Part Two (Angel Falls 5)

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~~ Angel Falls Series ~~

Broken Wings Pt 1 (Angel Falls 1)
Broken Wings Pt 2 (Angel Falls 2)
Snake (Angel Falls 3)
Sunspots Part One (Angel Falls 4)
Sunspots Part Two (Angel Falls 5)

~~ Colors of Love Series ~~


~~ Coven Series ~~

~~ The Darkness Series ~~

The Holy Dark by Stephanie Burke

~~ Dragonish Series ~~

~~ How Not to Date… Series ~~

How Not to Date a Centaur
How Not to Date a Changeling
How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Part One)
How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Part Two)

~~ Perfect Seasoning Series ~~

The Perfect Seasoning
The Perfect Spice
Perfect Sense

~~Pride Talon Series ~~

~~ Space Opera Series ~~

~~ Testrios Series ~~

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66 comments on “Bookshelf

    • I’m gonna put it out and add a volume 3 and four! *g* I just need to get a few new ideas about where to slide the you know what and who is sliding it to whom! LOL

      Stephanie Burke
      AKA Flash

      Have you been Flashed?

    • ACK! Sorry about the lag! *g* I am a techo-idiot and am learning how to work this thing. *G* You can reach me at I may be a bit late, but I will always answer! *g*

      Stephanie Burke
      AKA Flash

      Have You been Flashed?

    • I am working on the last one, Hon. I keep crying about the circumstances, but I am smiling too! There are new villains, a new prophet, and everyone gets to meet the Ancients. Poor Otohime! She’s got a mess on her hands! And there is egg hatching and hair pulling, and Turtles, and tigers, and dragons, Oh My! LOL

      I’ll post an excerpt soon, Hon.

      And when you get it, as always, let me know what you think!

  1. Stephine,

    I noticed abit ago, that there was going to be a 3rd Dragonish book? There is Star and Weyr, I believe the next was to be Clutch? Is this still going to be written/published? Either under that name or another? Thanks!

  2. Are you going to finish the book list? I noticed that my favorite book ‘Keeper of the Flame’ and several of your older books are absent from the page.

    • Yup, As soon as i figure out how, Hon! *g* This was started for me by a friend as a place holder until my site is up again, and I am learning by slowly! *g* I’ll have it up by this weekend! *g*


    • SOme of them I have pulled in an attempt to get them to New York Companies and some I just have to get updated correctly. *g8 I am going to finish the list and add the new books too!


    • One friend started it and another is finishing it. I’ve taken it upon myself to create pages for each of Stephanie’s books. Yes, this is a MASSIVE undertaking since the woman has a LOT of books with many more to come. But, it was bugging me to leave it undone.

      Once I get a good chunk of the pages created, I’ll change the look of the main “My Books” page so it’s easier to navigate.

      Bear with me.

      ~ Renee

    • Hey Hon! The second is already written and in the hands of my editor. If they want it, I will send you out the release date! *g* If not, I will post it as a very long free read! LOL


  3. I just finished Dragon Weir and was wondering when the next will be out? Also is there any date as to when the next Keeper of the Flame will come out. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and need my fix. Thanks

  4. Is there going to be a third book in the Testrios series? I am really looking forward to the story about the daughter in Cold Burn.

  5. just wanted to know if you are writing a 4th pride talon book and if you already are when we might be able to expect it????

    • I have the end and the beginning complete, Hon. I am just linking them together. Green World will be the last book in this series, except for a few side stories I have in mind. I had to seriously take a break form the series. I was getting so many people telling me I was ripping off Avatar that I went a little mad. Then i calmly reminded them that Liger was done years before Avatar and that gained me a littel break, but some people are persistant. Sigh. But I am plowing through all the sad parts so I can finish the happy parts and leave everyone replete! At least I hope I can! *g*

      • I’m so glad I found this site! I was wondering the same thing about the Pride Talon series! Like all your books they are just wonderful, but I have read and re-read this series over and over again. I know it wouldn’t be a good story without the sad parts, but I hope the couples make it through to the end together and that evil scientist gets what’s coming to her! *grrrr* I really hate her!

      • I’m glad you like it, Hon. *g* There is one more book and then the series is done….maybe. *g* Pride Talon is still on one of my favorites and I really love the characters. Real life is kicking me hard…for the past few weeks, but I am kicking back just as hard so I will get these series complete or murder someone trying! LOL

        Thank you for his comment! It made me smile on a really really bad day!

        And for The Naturalist…Oh, she is gonna get hers…big time! LOL

  6. I love ur books! You are one of my all time fav authors. I’ve read a couple of your books & two series but Pride Talon is def my fav! I looooooove you’re characters (except that ‘Naturalist’ more like Naturally evil!) I was thinking of Avatar as I read shadow dancer. Avatar was an awesome story. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘Omg she is amazing!! She thought of all this before them. She is so awesome!’ so I just wanna say Ignore the nay sayers  & your fans know the real deal. We know how amazing you really are. I cannot wait for green world. Your books & especially this series is amazing. I’m so glad I found this website, I was going crazy lookin for info for the 4th book. I know there will be sad parts but I’m sure there will be enough good to counter it :)

    • I just finished the ending of Green World, Hon! Don;t kill me! *G* But there are about seven chapters I have to edit before I send it in. There is happiness there and room for a short or two! Thank you LeKesha! *G* This post is getting saved! LOL I did the Avatar thing and was ranting about how much I love it when my friend Camille Anthony gave me a figurative slap on the head and said, “That’s Liger!” LOL I was thinking I think like James Cameron! *g* Now I wonder if I can get him to make this into a movie….LOL

    • Almost done, hon. I had to give star some stuff to work with and with the gang all preggers…not even getting into the research involved! LOL

  7. Hi, Stephanie. Met you at RT Conference.

    I’m trying to find your Hidden Passions 2 book. I know that it’s out of print, but I’ve heard there is a Ebook version. Do you know where I could get it?

    Thank You,

  8. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for my favorite series to come back to life. You have a lot of people hooked on your stories. Not trying to sound rude but I’m going crazy not knowing whats happening next. Keep up the great work.

  9. okay this is probably an old one but i read merlin kiss years ago (still have it) is there any chance you are doing a second part for TYBO the way it ended scream for his story. my favorite.

      • Please Please Pleaaaase do a story for TYBO!!!! He is SUCH an interesting character…..
        I really really enjoy reading your work… I get totally transported!
        Keep up the amazing work!

  10. Just popped in to wish you a Happy New Year!!!!! May the best of 2011 be your worst in 2012 and may all your books smoothly write themselves. and of course may your wishes and health be the best you wish for!

  11. Hi Stephanie, I hope your having a good weekend. Do you happen to know when the 3rd book for the Space Opera Series will be out? (or did I miss it?). Thanks

  12. Hi, stephanie just wanted u to know that i love ur testrios series and i’ve been waiting for book 3 to come out. Do u know when that will be?

  13. Are you going to write any more books in the Testrios Series. I have had read both books in the series and I want to know if there going to be a third?

    • There is suppose to be a third book called Cold Burn. It’s where Ember travels back to Testrios. But it has been ‘coming soon’ for about 10 years now.

      • Yes, there is. But I am having contract issues and some things with the publisher. When we get that hammered out, I will have the last installment and Tales From The Fire Tribe, a book of short pieces about their lives, out. Please be patient. Flame and his crew are my first babies and I want to make sure I do right by them. Thank you, Hon!

    • Yes, I am, Doll. But I have to deal with publisher issues… Business end of this sucks. *g* But I think I should start posting excerpts so that everyone can find out what my favorite fire keeping family is up to. *g*

  14. I was reading your 7,7,77 post and you had an excerpt from gasp, sigh, oh yeah baby, from “Dragon Clutch”. Am I dreaming, is it real, is it coming soon???

  15. Ive been waiting for years on the Hidden Passions. ARE THEY EVER GOING TO COME BACK OUT?? Its been so long I can hardly remember the excerpt I read.

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