What the Actual F*ck people?!

What the actual fuck, people? Authors, readers, people with common sense… I am calling on you.

Seriously… I am scrolling through my feed, taking a word count break, and I run into this…

A book cover artist and member of our small realm has attempted to take her own life by swallowing a crap ton of pills after being accused of being a book cover thief. From what I am given to understand, about 80 authors and readers, 80 people urged her to kill herself, calling her a cunt and other degrading names and once again because I can’t get the disgust out of my mind, urged her to kill herself.

Bullying is not something that ends in school nor is it solely in the spectrum of kids who don’t know better. (Bullshit excuse if you ask me…) Bullying can happen to anyone, no matter your age or profession. And as I see it, 80 people were complicit in her suicide attempt. 80 fucking adults who should have known better.

Did she steal bookcovers? Don’t know and don’t care. Whatever was or was not done does not warrant a death sentence. From what I understand, some authors joined in on this. Authors!

I don’t know about anyone else, but as an author, I research a lot of issues and people. I try to understand the POV’s of others and I feel that research has taught me a lot about other people and cultures. It has helped me widen my view of the world and matured me. I foolishly thought that this applied to all authors that I know, barring a few who were too willfully ignorant to learn.

Sadly, these past few years, these past few weeks, have proved to me that the ignorance is more wide spread than I thought. From racists doctrines and utterings in the RWA to the whole shit storm that fell down on Riptide, some of my fellow authors and editors have shined the spotlight on the underbelly of my profession and it is a seething writhing cesspool that I missed with my Pollyanna attitude.

Writers are people, I grant you that, but I assumed writers were people who leaned, grew, and knew better. Because of the standards I hold myself to, I foolishly thought that all authors did the same. Grant you, most of the authors I know, that I associate with and call friends and family do. I guess that is why I was so blind to what was going on in our world and added to my assumptions that most authors thought like me. I never before realized I was so blind.

The brick of reality is a painful thing.

We have to do better. A young woman clinging to her life and her sanity proves that we have to do better. She will never be the same even if she recovers. How will she ever trust again?

Resist bullying. Don’t jump on the fucking bandwagon when someone is tearing some else down. Your opinions are not worth a life. Don’t aid and abet. Call out bullying when and where you see it. Stop it before it gets bad. Nip that shit in the bud. If someone you know is engaging in this behavior, call them out on it. Let them face the consequences be it loosing their friendship or readership, or reputation… None of that is worth a life.

People, we have to do better than sending thoughts and prayers after the fact. We have to learn how to stop it before it starts. Otherwise, we are going to be looking at more cases like Lee Ching’s.




Had a thought… Don’t laugh… It happens sometimes… *g*

Had a thought… we hurt each other with our language or when something is new and scary to us… Follow this… We look at how words to describe skin tone… We see a person of Asian descent, their skin golden and glowing and we simplify it to simplify the person and call it yellow. We see someone of African descent and instead of calling the tone a rich ebony with an earthen hue… we simplify it down to black. We see an Indigenous person and we don’t call their skin glowing with deep sepia tones… we dummy it down to red. We see a person of European and we don’t call their skin a pale cream with bursts of red underlay, we call them white.

I endeavor not to use food words to describe skin tones… I am so over being different shades of chocolate myself… so we need to come up with some better wording, something that will show the complicated tins and underlays od skin… I once had a person scream at me because I picked up purple to add to her skin tone… but when she saw the portrait afterward, she apologized because she didn’t know that tone was in her skin. Really, our skin is a rainbow of colors as influenced by the sun. And like the color black in the art world… a combination of all colors, all of our skin tones are combinations of all colors in different degrees.

We are walking spectrums and the shade comes in when we hold up a prism to our souls. But I digress.

We need better skin tone words. It’s for the benefit of all mankind.

Flash *g*

What’s Been Going On…

A lot has been happening over the past two years… and I mean a lot. First I was on some really heavy meds for my Nail Patella Syndrome. If you wanna know what Nail Patela is, check out What ails me… So for about two years, I was in a medical haze, not as fun as it sounds, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was a struggle just to make it through. Not even getting into the depression and frustration and anger of it all. Why me? What did I do wrong? Why am I handicapped?

Yeah, it was a bad time for everyone involved. I kind of missed a lot of my children’s lives and was a slug at home. Thank goodness they love me like that do cause some would have been angry or disappointed in me, but they hung in. I have an amazing support group. *g*

So one day after having a conversation with the owner of Changeling Press, the Marvelous Miss M, I realized I didn’t remember what was said and who it was said to. That was the turning point for me. I took a look at the five huge psychotropic drugs I was taking for pain control and flushed them down the toilet. I was done.

But… and there is always a but… I didn’t think about withdrawal. OMG, that was rough. An hour after not taking my appointed horse pills on time, the withdrawal started. I will spare you the ugly details and just say that I went through seven weeks of hell. The DT’s are no joke. I now know what a heroin addict’s withdrawal is like because that is how doctors described how it would be to come off of just one of my prescribed meds. I lost all the weight I gained and then some. I am back to being a skinny mini again. Grumble. But as of right now, I don’t have any pain meds to take on the regular and I am hurting. all the time. Chronic pain has made me its bitch and I am getting comfortable with that. Okay, I’m not, but I don’t want to go back on medications that are going to make me a zombie.


In the middle of all of this, my Mommy got gravely ill. I was running her to the hospital sometimes two or three times a week. My family sometimes are not the best people and there were some issues there, but we were dealing. Something major happened that kept me from my Mommy’s side and four months later, she was dead.


I am still torn up about that. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but Mommy knew I loved her and I know that she loved me more than anyone in the world. She was always my rock and thoughts of her keep me sane. At times when I am ready to Murder Death Kill, I can hear her voice and her wise counsel keeping me on track.

So that’s where I am right now, getting back on track. I have started writing again and am planning on finishing up a lot of series I started, including the Dragon’s Weir series, though it will have to be self-published. I am making plans to self-pub a lot of my backlist and move forward with the series that are being published through my houses as well.


I am trying now to revamp my website and get back to the business of creating worlds that we can escape too when we feel the need.

My mother was a nurse, she healed the body. My father was a supervisor for a Goldbond Building Company, he created homes. I am a dreamer and a writer, I create places where the impossible is possible and you can let your senses and emotions run wild and free.

Welcome to my world… again. I hope you stay and journey with me.

Love you, Loves!

Stephanie ‘Flash” Burke


Hey all!

No, it is not the sign of the apocalypse, I am actually updating. Wild, I know.

Well, if you have been following me on Facebook, you know that 2015 and 2016 has been hell.

I’ll break this down. Dad has lung cancer, Mom has had two heart attacks and the hits just get worse from there. I can’t even tell you how many medications I have been on. I mean everything from Elevil to Duladid… Ugh. And I have a new list of things wrong with me. Let’s see…

Nail Patella Syndrome, that we already know about and is the parent genetic disease to…




Uneven Hips

Lack of Cartilage on most joints

Uneven joints

Floating kneecaps

Carpal Tunnel

And rounding out the list is

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Not to mention a shoulder injury I took in May, grabbing a wall so I wouldn’t fall on my face. It’s November and I am still in therapy and in pain. Next time, I take the black eye! LOL

I also gained weight, boobs, and butt. I am not lying, the girls plumped up! I was 147 from 115 but I lost of few of my precious pounds and I am at 137. Food has always been my friend, it’s now just decided to stick around a little longer. LOL

Other than that, I have not been doing much writing. I couldn’t think with my mind clouded. I am starting to get back into it though, and that is a big chunk of worry off my mind. I mean, if I am not a writer, then who am I?

Now I am a disabled writer, but I am adjusting.

So, that’s about it for me, trying to finish some series and find my new normal. I blow up Facebook but it’s time to blow up my web site as well! *g*

I love you, Loves!

See you soon!








Good Not So Great Morning…

Morning, My Loves.

Man, ever wake up tired? I woke up tired as hell and depressed to boot. Ny night time dose of meds always knocks me out blank… sometimes I open my eyes to se things dancing around my room, last night the meca from Tiger and Bunny was on my pillow shooting me a salute. I rarely dream now, I blame the drugs, but last night was different. I kept seeing the video of that child being tossed across the room like garbage. Maybe it’s because I had to homeschool my son for a year because the teacher kept calling him ‘the freak amongst the freaks’, or maybe it was because I spent so much time in the school board building, the people started knowing me by face and name. Or maybe it’s because I started thinking of all the times adults disrespected me or discounted me when I was a teen. Whatever it was, I spent the night watching this child be tossed across the room like garbage. If someone did that to an animal, it would be a federal offense. If a mother did that to a child, CPS would have been there taking that child away from you and burying you under a jail cell and set you up for some prison justice, perhaps. Not saying that she was right in not turning over her phone, but from the beginning it struck me odd that the teacher would call an administrator for a child apologizing and saying no. When I was college taking some early childhood development classes, our prof told us that if we had a non violent child like that who was not listing to our requests, to hold the child after class and discover what was wrong. As so many people pointed out, this girl os reeling from the loss of her mother and grandmother. Don’t tell me that they didn’t know, because I find it hard to believe. When a new student gets transferred to a school, the teacher is almost always made aware of their circumstances. Her parent didn’t enroll her, her foster mother did, so the admin had to be aware of her circumstances. She should have been punished with detention, or the teacher could have asked her what she was doing. She may have been looking at photos of her mom and grandma… That no one even tried to find out why, I find really disturbing. The punishment didn’t fit the crime. Maybe she needed to go off my herself and have a good cry. Everyone has off days, maddening days, days when they want to walk in traffic or scream into a pillow or tear up a room because you have no other release. But to here all the people commenting, angry that the Deputy Fields got fired… they make me ill. Most of these people never had kids or maybe they forgot the crap they did in high school. Everyone is so quick to judge things that frankly aren’t none of their business. And if you think the punishment fit the crime than you are a monster and an animal. Sometimes I think blacks and poor people have PTSD. I don’t think this was racially motivated, but I could be wrong. Maybe Deputy Fields was having a bad day and took it out on her, but again, I can be wrong. All I know is that a child who is more than likely suffering a lot of depression and maybe PTSD was treated worse than we would treat a stray dog and a great portion of America cheered. Now that is one sobering thought. They cheered.
Good Morning.