How Not to Date a Fae

How Not to Date a FaeTitle: How Not to Date a Fae
Series: How Not to Date…
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-553-2
BIN: 04773-01532
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Humor/Comedy, GLBT (MM), Fey/Elves

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Ario thinks he’s left his past behind, until he gets hit with pixies, fate, and an irresistible Fae.

After lies, deceit and betrayal drive Ario from the only home he knows, he is determined never to look back, to dissociate himself from the people who made his life hell, and to never use magic again.

But as the saying goes, Man plans, the Gods laugh — and they’re chortling over this one.

In his new home in Ireland, Ario suddenly finds himself plagued by pixies, magical tombs, and a man so different from any other he’s ever known that their coming together can’t be by chance.

Cailte was one of the Finnian army, Finn McCool’s right hand, and after waking from his centuries-long sleep, the large warrior found himself at the mercies of a different time and of a man unlike any other.

Their pairing might be ordained by fate, but it’s up to them to forge a bond to protect them both when Ari’s past threatens to destroy them both. Together they might be powerful enough to defy the gods, and maybe Ario will learn that dating a Fae isn’t so bad.

~~ How Not to Date… Series ~~

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How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Box Set)

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

4.5 Cherries
“…combines legends, mythologies, and her own special brand of writing magic to create a riveting tale of honor, duty, and love.” ~ Long and Short of It Reviews

4 Nymphs
“…an intriguing romance interwoven with humor, magic and conflict… a fantastic saga that I greatly enjoyed.” ~ Literary Nymphs Reviews

3.5 Hearts
“…this story did keep me interested and engaged enough to finish it in one sitting! So despite some minor difficulties, Ario and Cailte were a good match and this was an intriguing story.” ~ The Romance Studio

3.5 Hearts
“…a fun, sexy tale that will leave you eager for more… If you are looking for a hot tale, then grab HOW NOT TO DATE A FAE and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure.” ~ Love Romances & More

“Fast paced, sexy, and emotionally intense at times… highly entertaining… satisfies every expectation.” ~ Joyfully Reviewed


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