The Holy Dark

The Holy Dark by Stephanie BurkeTitle: The Holy Dark
Series: The Darkness, Book 1
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61788-294-4
Genre: Erotic Romance, Dark Paranormal, Interracial

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A zombie infection begins spreading throughout the streets of London and the masses start to panic. The hospitals are filling with people in various stages of infection and the doctors are clueless as to why. The police are losing control as the attacks become more frequent and the number of unexplained deaths rise.

This is where American ex-patriot Dr. Kaylla Montgomery, a successful bioengineer living in London finds herself at the heart of a life and death struggle.

Kaylla knows what’s going on, but a vicious attack forces her to make an extreme sacrifice to save her own life. Just as she is at her darkest hour, an unexpected light emerges.

He is known as the Holy Dark, a jackal shape shifter with roots in ancient Egypt and a scientist in his own right, sent to assist Dr. Montgomery in formulating a cure for the growing plague of the undead. Too late to save her once, now he will give up everything to protect the woman who is more important to him than life itself.

And with the clock ticking down and London dissolving into chaos, it is only a matter of time before they come together and fight as one, or give into a fate that is darker than death itself.


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