Space Opera (Box Set)

Space Opera (Box Set) by Stephanie BurkeTitle: Space Opera (Box Set)
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 07251-02337
Genre: Erotic Romance, SciFi, GLBT (MM), Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Magical Creatures

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Bred to be the perfect soldiers, Javen and Gara are running from the scientist who created them!

They were the new world’s only hope. Now their only hope is running from the very people they were created to protect.

Javen and Gara were bred to be the perfect soldiers, protecting New Earth from the scourge from above. As lovers, they were created to resonate in perfect harmony with each other, their lives the stuff of legends. But they proved to be evolution’s darlings, developing beyond anything the scientists had ever dreamed of, their advancement eclipsing that of their creators.

Now their only hope is a planet of their own, where they can live free — free to construct a new society based on the ideals of justice and honor.

But with dangerous factions at work, a mysterious prophesy, and an old enemy amassing, this stunning melody may ring out with the perfect notes to save the worthy and unworthy alike. Freedom demands an awful price.

Publisher’s Note: This Box Set contains the previously published novellas Space Opera and Space Opera: The Second Movement.

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4 Hearts
“By the time you finish reading you will have found yourself transported into another dimension full of interesting characters and a mindboggling plot… If you enjoy stories full of action, in the bedroom and out of it, stories also full of interesting characters and an attention-getting plot, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.” ~ The Romance Studio


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