Biker Broad

Biker BroadTitle: Biker Broad
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-597-6
BIN: 04914-01579
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary

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A man, a woman, a beach and lots of black leather… fantasies do come true.

He was watching as she approached, a red-hot woman in cool black leather. She was more than he ever dreamed he could handle, but when she made her demands known, he had no choice but to capitulate to this exotic, mysterious, and all too delicious biker broad.

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

5 Diamonds
“I don’t want to say much and give away the story, which was very short…very hot. I’ll just say you need to read this story.” ~ Got Erotic Romance Reviews

4.25 Rating
“…a very short and very steamy erotic tale that is sure to get your blood boiling… If you are looking for a quick, sexy story that contains a lot of leather, to get you and/or your partner in a seductive mood, Biker Broad will do it for you.” ~ Book Wenches Reviews

4 Stars
“…the ultimate in fantasy stories! … The action is fast and the story is descriptive and graphic. Not for the faint of heart! … Great super short story. Well worth the read!” ~ The Romance Reviews

4 Cherries
“…a short sexy read full of passion and fun. Ms. Burke’s unique imagination breaths new life into the everyman character, changing him from everyman to everyman you could possibly want him to be. A day at the beach has never been so much fun. ” ~ Long and the Short of It Reviews


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