How Not to Date a Skunk

How Not to Date a SkunkTitle: How Not to Date a Skunk
Series: How Not to Date…
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-675-1
BIN: 05237-01676
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Humor/Comedy, Shapeshifter, Interracial/Multicultural

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Who knew dating a skunk shifter could be so sweet?

Photographer Bilana thinks she can beat the heat and her migraine by taking her meds and getting out of the sun. But she wakes up to find her whole world order being changed before her eyes.

Chaska is a powerful Dakota warrior in full regalia, defending his right to pick the mate of his choosing. But when Bilana stumbles into a centuries-old rite, he finds himself having to save the beautiful black woman’s life by claiming her for his own.

Now Bilana has an insolent young warrior, a set of elders, and a shapeshifter mate all invading her peace and quiet. She has to learn to accept change as it comes, but that’s what happens when you learn how not to date a skunk.

~~ How Not to Date… Series ~~

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How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Box Set)

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

5 Diamonds
“…a fanciful break from the ordinary… This author has a fun, fresh style and she will be added to my must-read list.” ~ Got Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Cherries
“I had a riot of a good time reading this very unique and intriguing tale of a woman and her skunk… funny, adorable, completely entertaining and a fast read. I enjoyed the dialogue, loved the descriptions and definitely want more.” ~ The Long and Short of It Reviews


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