Shelby’s Angels (Collection)

Title: Shelby’s Angels
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-238-8
BIN: 03830-01225
Genre: Erotic Romance, Dark Fantasy, Menage, GLBT, Humor/Comedy, Interracial

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Once upon a time, there were seven ex male models turned exotic dancers, all unique and beautiful in their own way.

Adan, the fiery Spaniard, is a master of disguise. Barika, the dangerous African Flower, can make any computer obey with a mere touch of a keyboard. Shen, my delicate Chinese Warrior, speaks several languages fluently and knows how to use his pretty face to get what he wants. Blain is my temperamental Irish poet, with the soul of an artist, and the right cross of a heavyweight champ. Nalu, a large chunk of Samoan perfection, knows anything and everything about plants and poisons. Delsin has a way with numbers that is damn near erotic to watch and an understanding of the world that makes me believe his tales of being the offshoot of a rampaging Indian war-god. And then there’s Raidon, my sexy Japanese Shogun. Skilled in several forms of martial arts, Raidon is the smallest — and the most dangerous one of all.

Along with my lover Will, a hand model, we form the best detective agency ever! We take on the most obscene and dangerous cases ever to develop in the Red Light District of Baltimore. From cross-dressing vampires to dangerous warrior cults, we’ve seen and done it all.

Call me Shelby. And these bold and beautiful men who obey my will, most of the time, are my Angels. And here are our stories.

This collection contains the previously released novellas When Irish Eyes Are Dying, Sometimes I’m Not, and Savage.

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

Sometimes I’m Not
5 Cups
“This book takes the reader on a hilariously riotous romp from catty expressions to personal grooming blunders… Ms. Burke has written a wonderfully entertaining story that I wholeheartedly enjoyed for the wit and laughter all the way through it. I enthusiastically recommend this book.” ~ Coffee Time Romance

Sometimes I’m Not
4 Angels
“Stephanie Burke is amazing. She has taken a leaf from ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and turned it into something fun, humorous, and downright erotic. Stephanie Burke is a master in her field.” ~ Fallen Angel Reviews

When Irish Eyes are Dying
4 Hearts
“I loved the laugh-out-loud moments, and the utter silliness of the models… I wanted to pity poor Shelby while she dealt with the models, but I could only envy that she got to stare at them. Buy When Irish Eyes Are Dying for the sex if you want, but the humor is even better!” ~ The Romance Studio

4 Angels
Shelby’s Angels: Savage is a frisky frolic through one man’s search for the family jewels, so to speak. Hilarious in the extreme, Savage is peppered with a stable of mouth-watering men, a bunch of bantering and a host of hot and sensual interludes.” ~ Fallen Angel Reviews

When Irish Eyes are Dying
4 Angels
“This is a quick read, and I enjoyed a good laugh while reading about the Angels’ antics.” ~ Fallen Angel Reviews

3.5 Tombstones
“… a laugh out loud book full of witty and comical comments by the ever-so-sexy men with not too much grey matter between the ears…” ~ Bitten By Books

When Irish Eyes are Dying
“Stephanie Burke does it again! She’s invented a funny, sassy yarn full of toe curling sex, action packed suspense and her special brand of tongue in cheek humor that keeps readers coming back for more. She’s created an ensemble cast that is equal parts spoof and homage to the campy fun of PI television shows that have seen new light at the box office.” ~ The Road to Romance Reviews


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