Snake (Angel Falls 2) by Stephanie BurkeTitle: Snake
Series: Angel Falls, Book 2
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 06244-02006
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, IR/MC, Cougar

Out Now
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Love believes in second chances.

Ethan Saunders, anthropologist, came to Angel Falls to document the changes in this strange little town. Little does he know how much these changes will affect his own heart and soul.

Snake is old. She’s lived a good, long life and is comfortable doing tattoos and body modifications in her shop. But when young Ethan comes to her, he opens more than memories to her past. He unleashes a love she could never have anticipated. A May/December relationship will never work, but with a little magic and the secrets held in the town of Angel Falls, maybe together they can give love a second chance.

~~ Angel Falls Series ~~

Broken Wings (Angel Falls 1) by Stephanie Burke Snake (Angel Falls 2) by Stephanie Burke Sunspots (Angel Falls 3) by Stephanie Burke My Protector (Angel Falls 4) by Stephanie Burke Rare as a Unicorn (Angel Falls 5) by Stephanie Burke


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