My Protector

My Protector (Angel Falls 4) by Stephanie BurkeTitle: My Protector
Series: Angel Falls, Book 4
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 07029-02264
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Shifters, Magic, M/F

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He’ll do everything he can to protect her — even if he can’t protect himself.

Being sheriff of a small but unusual town has lots of perks. Richard knows just about everyone in town by name. He gets free coffee at the Planet Quest café. And he gets to spend as much time as he wants with Amber Grieves. The woman he desires above all others.

Amber is everything he always wanted in a mate — she is strong, kind, the perfect mother and ferocious in a fight… but still he finds himself firmly friendzoned, much to his and his shadow-wolf’s dismay.

For Richard is not any ordinary man. He is a Shadow Walker, a born shapeshifer who’s spent his life on the run from hunters who want to wipe him out.

When strange phone calls bring up memories of a dark past that rocks Amber’s soul and strange happenings begin in the woods, Richard might not live long enough to convince Amber to give love a try with the one man who wants to protect her above all others — even if he can’t protect himself.

~~ Angel Falls Series ~~

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