Liger (Pride Talon 1)

Title: Liger
Series: Pride Talon, Book 1
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-027-3
Genre: Futuristic

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As a kit, she had been curious, spirited, filled with the natural power of a seer-to-be. Then the Others came, killed her family…her entire race! Now, she was nothing. Less than nothing. A mere lap-pet for a cruel queen. But she had a secret. Her time had come, and with her power, her last act, she would destroy them all.

He-o. Even his name meant freedom. A male, a warrior, a wondrous, gorgeous tantalizing taste of what might have been. What might still be. He came for her. He will free her…and claim her heart in exchange.

Her He-o will save her. But will the cost of freedom be beyond bearing?

~~ Pride Talon Series ~~

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

5 Angels
“This was a great story! …I recommend this book highly both to science fiction fans and romance readers. ” ~ Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Hearts
“I really enjoyed the world Ms. Burke created, and the secondary characters added to an already good story. The romance was excellent, even though the characters didn’t know each other that well. Ms. Burke created the emotions and feelings lying between them very well, including all the wonderful sizzle.” ~ The Romance Studio


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