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Part 2 of Sympathy for the Devil… Abadon

When is too much of a good thing too much?





Part 1 of Sympathy for the Devil… Charlie…











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Meet Blakemore…


Blakemore is many things to many people — a songbird with an amazing voice, a vampire childe, the only one of his kind, and the darling in the eyes of his ex-deity Creator… A slave who is now free and seeking revenge on those who abused him.

Mentally fractured and bordering on insane, the childe who crosses three god pantheons, Blakemore will stop at nothing until he sees those who enslaved him laid low, but at what cost?

Reality and insanity blend as he draws closer to those who orchestrated his downfall, but will destiny decide his path or will Blakemore find the courage to stand up to fate and decide his own future?