The Adorable Snowman

The Adorable Snowman by Stephanie BurkeTitle: The Adorable Snowman
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 06887-02218
Genre: Erotic Romance, Shifter, MF

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Not even the coldest of blizzards could chill the heat of his lust…

Serendipity Collins is minding her own business, driving along in West Virginia in the worst blizzard in years, when a strange creature appears out of nowhere and she runs him down.

Ta is on a mission to get away from the humans who captured him. He only wants to get back to the gate point to find a way home when he meets her — the mate of his dreams. Now he only has to convince her they are perfect for each other… if they can survive the hunters who are after him and battle Serendipity’s own private fears.

Ta is nothing but determined, Ren is nothing but stubborn, but before the storm comes to an end, maybe they will discover a way to make this fairy tale a reality and melt the ice that encases her heart.

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4 Hearts
“A quick and enjoyable read, I found this book absurdly amusing… I would recommend this book to people looking for a quick romance fantasy/shifter read, who love HEA in all its shapes and sizes!” ~ SSLY Reviews

4 Hearts
“I love how the author takes an unbelievable creature that we have been speculating about for years and make him into an interesting character with a personality and desires like everyone else. The plot is great and the interaction between Serendipity and Ta is good to see… It’s a great story of kindness, growth and discovery. ” ~ Catherine Anderson, The Romance Studio


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