Chemicals Between Us

Title: Chemicals Between Us
Series: Foxy (multi-author)
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 05539-01774
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Shapeshifters, GLBT (MMM)

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Has the Big Bad Wolf met his match in a pair of Sly Foxes?

Zadine couldn’t believe he’d traveled all around the world to find his mates, only to end up with a face full of snow, but the twin mischief-makers Iluq and Atka are exactly what he was looking for. That is, if he can get past old betrayals and melt the hearts of two sly foxes who’re just out for a little fun.

The chemicals between them drew him to Last Chance. Maybe a shot at love will make him stay.

* * * * * Review * * * * *

3 Stars
“What a crazy but delightful short tale… The story moves at a good pace, there wasn’t a rush to the storytelling.” ~ The Romance Studio Reviews


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