Absolute Perfection

Absolute PerfectionTitle: Absolute Perfection
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-60737-842-6
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, GLBT (MM)

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Taza, a sea horse, sole male offspring of the Coushrin king and heir to the throne, really doesn’t like his life. For one thing, two crazy female sea horses are vying to impregnate him and become the next queen of the Coushrin dynasty because sea horses mate for life. He doesn’t want to be just a breeder while his wife rules the seas. But if being the prey and intended brood-stallion of two insane females isn’t bad enough, Taza’s also being chased by a human who’s determined to attain immortality by eating him. Stir fried, easy on the garlic.

What does he do? Flees to the a vampire bar on the surfaceworld, where he meets Astika, a Hindu Naga god. Astika’s been dispatched on a fool’s errand, because his advice to his uncle and grandfather’s harems is causing mayhem in the kingdom. He wasn’t supposed to meet a sea horse prince, save his life, and end up mated in the process. But that’s exactly what happens.

Because when Astika saves his life from the human who might just be crazier than the sea horses chasing him, Taza does the only smart thing and pledges himself to the Naga. For life. Since they’re stuck with each other, Astika eventually decides he might as well see what it’s like with a sea horse. Together, out of the wildest circumstances imaginable, the two lovers find and build Absolute Perfection.

* * * * * Review * * * * *

5 Lyres / Recommended Read
“I quite enjoyed this story, and although I have always liked Stephanie Burke as a writer, this was very different from anything else of hers I have read. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light funny read. I also enjoyed the fun facts about sea horses at the end. Two thumbs up!” ~ Rites of Romance Reviews

5 Nymphs
“The characters are fabulously detailed. The primary and supporting characters each bring something to this story… Stephanie Burke throws in some action and suspense to balance out the humor and romance in this beautifully written story. Those looking for a paranormal story outside of the box need look no further.” ~ Literary Nymphs Reviews

4.5 Divas
“…a perfect read on a cold wintery night… This story will make you laugh and learn how easy it can be to love someone if you let yourself.” ~ Deviant Divas Reviews

4 Stars
“There is one word that truly describes this book: unique. This will be something you have never read before… Absolute Perfection has a nice balance between touching and emotional scenes, and light, funny scenarios.” ~ The Romance Review

3.5 Tombstones
“All in all, a very good read that is well worth the time to escape for a bit of your day.” ~ Bitten By Books

3 Cherries
“The best way to approach this book is to read it with a sense of whimsy and a desire for simple entertainment… Once you realize the story is over the top in every conceivable way, then it’s more enjoyable to just have fun with it… The vibrant colors offered and few bits of whimsical humor make this something different and worth reading for that alone.” ~ Long and the Short of It Reviews

“…a wild, sexy and sometimes hilarious ride… crisp, witty dialogue for unforgettable characters… a totally original, wacky, and very hot joyride.” ~ Joyfully Reviewed


4 thoughts on “Absolute Perfection

  1. Kat says:

    I just finished your book. It was a great story. Many funny moments. Would you be writing a second book about these two? Thanks for the story, the concept for me was fresh and out off this world.

    • flashycat1 says:

      Thank you! *g* Squeee! I thought maybe I had pushed it a tad far with his one! LOL I am considering a short story…you know, the pregnancy stuff, but it depends on my editor. *g* Again thank you so much! I really really appreciate your words! I got the stupid grin on my face now! LOL *g*


  2. Anna says:

    oh the story was great. I laughed so much. thanks for that. If there ever is a short story pleas let me know, I’d love to read it.

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