Cupid Gone Weird

Cupid Gone Weird by Stephanie BurkeTitle: Cupid Gone Weird
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 06196-01990
Genre: Erotic Fiction, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, BDSM

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Will sex and lust be his downfall when Cupid lets loose?

Cupid only wants a little revenge on Chris Cringle, master of North Pole Industries and the bane of the Holidays’ existence.

But when he cracks open a bottle of stolen wassail, will one spilled drop give him everything he ever desired or will it be a tool for Chris to gain more control over the wayward Cupid? No one can really tell what will happen when Cupid Goes Weird.

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

Rose In Bloom (3 Stars)
“The unique set up Ms. Burke presented was enchanting, and fresh. I enjoyed my brief glimpse into her world, and I’m longing for more.” ~ Romancing the Book Reviews


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