Once Upon a Time in Vegas

Once Upon a Time in Vegas by Stephanie BurkeTitle: Once Upon a Time in Vegas
Publisher: Changeling Press
BIN: 07293-02351
Genre: Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Magical Creatures, M/M

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Some practical jokes just don’t work out the way they were intended, even for gods. Or brothers.

Anteros, the god of long term relationships — and vengeance for the lovelorn — is Eros’s younger, not as well known twin.

Hoping to knock his baby brother off his moral high ground, Eros shoots both Anteros and Seneca, a prostitute, with a potent lust arrow. A night of wild sex is sure to leave Anteros too ashamed to defy his big brother for years!

Problem. Seneca, the well skilled and expensive sex care provider Eros chose, happens to be a single father and the only male siren in existence. It gets worse when, with the help of The Fates, Eros’s lust arrow is turned into a pure love that leaves both men shaken and unable to cope.

You see, the sirens are under a curse never to feel love, and the god of long-term relationships does not do one night stands…

What happens next? Only Vegas knows…


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