How Not to Date an Alien

How Not to Date an AlienTitle: How Not to Date an Alien
Series: How Not to Date…
Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-60521-474-0
BIN: 04475-01435
Genre: Erotic Romance, SciFi, Humor/Comedy

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People usually see what they want to see, so they miss the big stuff… like antennas.

Kilana knows what her eyes are telling her can’t be true.

There’s a naked man in her bed and he’s glowing. And then there are the solid black eyes, the floating several feet above the bed, and the most damning of all… he has antennas.

The newly divorced Kilana thinks she’s seeing things, but when he opens his mouth and tells her he’s hunting humans and his intentions are to devour her, Kilana knows she has an alien problem.

But who will help her get away from the admittedly sexy creature that wants her pleasured and fattened until her flavor is perfect? Maybe her hair-brained friends Se and Lena can help her avoid the big suppertime cut…

Or maybe she’s on her own with the drooling, leering, orgasm-delivering fiend. And maybe dating an alien won’t turn out to be as big a problem as she thinks.

~~ How Not to Date… Series ~~

How Not to Date an Alien How Not to Date a Fae How Not to Date a Skunk How Not to Date a Vamp

How Not to Date a Bear How Not to Date a Human How Not to Date a Centaur How Not to Date a Changeling

How Not to Date a Bear Too! (Box Set)

* * * * * Award * * * * *

The Romance Studio CAPA 2010 Nominee
Paranormal Erotic Romance

* * * * * Reviews * * * * *

5 Cherries
“…a fascinating ride combining the strange and everyday in a unique blend… After reading this book everyone will be lining up to be hunted by their very own alien.” ~ Long and Short of It Reviews

4.5 Hearts
“…kept me guessing from chapter to chapter… How the author managed to put me through a roller-coaster of emotion in under one hundred pages is a mystery, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!” ~ The Romance Studio

4 Hearts
“…a fun, unique story that had me in stitches and panting from all the lustiness… This was the first book I read from this author and it won’t be the last.” ~ Love Romances & More


6 thoughts on “How Not to Date an Alien

    • flashycat1 says:

      Third and fourth book, if they ever start talking to me again! Sigh. Half way through COld Burn and the forth book is Violet Crumbles. *g*
      I am so sorry it is taking so long, but the testrios bunch is getting testy and closed mouthed. *g*

  1. Wynthea Griffith says:

    Hi Flash, I just wanted to tell you that you have a place of honor in my collection. You’re an author who always leaves me wanting more. I’ve got quite a few of your books & hope to acquire a few more soon. I’m practicing delayed gratification with the Dragon series though. I’m gonna wait till it’s done before I get them and read them back to back…well that’s the plan. Don’t know if I can hold out.
    Keep up the superb writing. I truly admire your imagination & skill.

  2. Wynthea Griffith says:

    Well, I got Alien. All I want to know is…Couldn’t you make it longer?? I didn’t want it to end. It’s very intriguing & if you had to go, what a way to go.

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