Out of Print Reviews

Out of Print Titles Reviews

The Slayer

5 Hearts!
“What can I say except this book is on my re-read list… I kept reading until I finished because I just couldn’t put it down. If vampires mixed with hot erotica is a favorite of yours, you have to get The Slayer.” ~ Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

Hidden Passions Volume 2

4 Hearts!
“…a solidly written collection of short erotic tales that has something for everyone. With delicious recurring themes of feathers and men with long silken hair, Ms. Burke has created a feast for the senses.” ~ Holly Hewson, The Romance Studio


5 Hearts!
“There are facets to this story that will surprise and captivate your imagination. There is also a humorous side to this story that will take you by surprise. It will have you laughing so hard it will bring you to tears… I truly loved and enjoyed this new version to an old tale.” ~ Diane T., The Romance Studio

Merlin’s Kiss

4 Hearts!
“…a world of fantasy that lets the imagination run free. I loved the twist she does with the story of Camelot. The way she incorporates the time periods is great.” ~ Diane T., The Romance Studio

Operation: Pleiades 5 – Blast Wave

4.5 Hearts!
“…one of the few romances that struck me as an action/adventure romance from the start. It was absolutely full of action and fast-paced suspense… an excellent book by far. The plot, pace, characters, sex, and the cliffhanger ending made me keep reading without regard to time. This was just a REALLY good book.” ~ Tara Black, The Romance Studio


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