About Flash

Have You Been Flashed?

It’s the question Stephanie Burke is asking. Stephanie is a multi published multi award-winning wife and mother of two whose unparalleled imagination causes her no end of trouble. From sex shifting shape-shifting dragons to under sea worlds, up to sexually confused elemental fey and homo erotic mysteries, all the way to pastel challenged urban sprites, Stephanie has done it all, and hopes to do more.

Stephanie is co-founder of the charitable organization Write 4 Hope, Co Creator of the Japanese Culture and Anime Convention Mikomicon, Home-school Mom, English Tutor, an Orator on her favorite subject of writing and world building, a sometimes teacher when you feed her enough coffee and donuts, an anime nut, a costumer, and a frequent guest of various sci-fi and writing cons where she can be found leading panel discussions or researching more and varied legends and theories to improve her writing skills.

Stephanie is known for her love of the outrageous, strong female characters, believable worlds, male characters filled with depth, and interracial that make the reader sit up and take notice.

14 thoughts on “About Flash

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi. I read the first two Dragonish series books and was going to purchase number 3 and can’t find it. Is it out yet and where can I purchase it. I have got to finish this story! Thanks

    • flashycat1 says:

      Not out yet, Hon! I am working on it now. I am hoping by middle Spring it will be done! Van;t leave the dragons perggers and unhappy! They might start a revolt! LOL


      • Hollis says:

        Another avid reader here “dying” o read how more of Star’s story with her quad! Are you tying up the story with the third book? Cannot wait to hear a release date. Thanks!!

      • flashycat1 says:

        Tying up the ends now, Hon. I think this one will be done by the end of the august, barring any more cons and time vamps that I need to stake! *g* Male labor is a beautiful thing! LOL


  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, love your books! how soon will the 3rd dragonish book be available to purchase? I just finished the first 2 and I want to finish the story.

    Thank you

    • flashycat1 says:

      I am working on this one, Hon as well. I keep saying that but I put at least one chapter on about fifteen different books a day. *g* The third and Final, Dragon;s Weir is kicking my butt at the moment! But Star will whip her people into shape soon and i hope to have it done before I get murdered! *g* Thank you for the encouragement! *g* It makes me want to write faster! I need to write faster! *g* But it will be done and soon, I pray! *g*

  3. sylvia cardona says:

    I loved ” How not to date an Alien”. plus when will you write more to the Cherry Crush I really enjoyed that book also. let’s just say that all of your books make me smile or I jump my husband which makes him very happy when I read!! ha lol

    • flashycat1 says:

      Thanks Sylvia! I got that goofy grin on my face again! *g8 I am going to do one more book in the Cherry Crush series, and I am researching it to high heaven. I twist my Chinese and Japanese legends but I don;t want to wreck them. *g* I am tickled that you like my poor alien! *g8 He was a joy and a treasure to write. I couldn’t stop laughing and the DH thinks i;m more cray now that ever. Sigh! But he’ll have to deal, how not to date a vampire is almost done! *g*

  4. cj says:

    hi flash i just finished the talon series and i must ask will there be another book to follow bael has got to meet her end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i love your (how not) series it’s the best. even though i jumped my hubby twice after reading the dragonish series gosh girly that was hot even though i don’t make is a habit to read m/m (i raced through it, i was hoping bael would meet her end in shadow dancer) i don’t care for it at all. but dragonish blew me away just to have it not it end!!! i was cursing your name (hubby sends his thanks and keep up the good work) you won’t be getting mine until i see the end of these too (so there…..;)

    • flashycat1 says:

      One more… got the end, got the begining… editing the hell out of the middle. I hope to have it compete by April. *g*

  5. Liz says:

    Dear flash, I love your books. I have had much pleasure reading them so thanks very much for writing them. I would really like to know if there will be a third Testrios Series book.

  6. Enekra says:

    Hello Flash. I have been on Loose ID for a few years, but just read your pride talon series. It has been a long time and you have been working on a few other projects since. However, the series was not tied up in the last chapter (2006). Do you have any plans to revisit the characters? Is your muse even interested in whether Zactch walks again or if the Naturalist is defeated? I realize that most of your readers may not even be interested in the series, or you may have perhaps already explained why no continuation, but would like you to know that we (I) are here and would love to know how the story ends. Thank you for your work.

    New Fan

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