Catching up is hard to do…

Updates! I has the Updates!!!

Let’s start with Wicomicon


See this beautiful woman? That is author T.J. Michaels… She invited me to be on the panel, You Sexy Thing, that was supposed to take place at Awesome Fan Con… sniffle. But you know the story… (if not, I will tell you ALLLLL about it) and Wicomicon was born in it’s burnt out ashes. Sorry, still a lot miffed about AFC. *g*

The show must go on so we presented instead at Wicomicon and we had a blast.


See this badass bunny? This is Joy Harris from Joyfully Reviewed! Yeah, Joy, sister from another mister! She was kind enough to come out and play with us the day before Wicomicon. Isn’t she just the cutest little bunny ever…wearing the skins of all those other bunnies who opposed her? Don’t tug her tail though. She’ll get ya! LOL


This is Tamachan! Squee!!! Certified Life Coach and awesome author in her own right. She was on the panel with us and gave some good advice about loving yourself first because you damn sure can’t love anyone else until you do. She was informative, entertaining, and right on point with answers that the audience needed to hear.



And while we were in town, of course we stopped at BAMF… one of the best new fandom driven super geek owned Resturants in the area. And we left a little something-something for Baby Groot. LOL



Now for the





Here’s looking forward to next year!


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