Last one and I saved the Best for Last!

I know I have been hinting at a secret project for months now.. well, here it is!


The Alphas go Wild Tomorrow!

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Alpha Party Central

I was tagged by eleven very talented authors to be a part of the 12 Alphas, 12 Months anthology!  SCREAMMMMM!!!! LOL

I got Mr. August and he is hot! Tego and Daiki burn up the computer. It is the beginning of the Bottom’s Up Series and is, as was widely requested, a return to the highly favorably reviewed Alpha Omega, Beta world used in Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me by Stephanie Burke

Yes, people! The primal males are back!

Check us out tomorrow as we open for pre-release sales and a whole day of fun.

I will be on at 11 am and I have some games and prizes to share.

I hope I see you there!

Loves you all!



Just when you thought I was done…

Still another announcement!

How Not To Date a Bear, Too… is an ARe Best Seller! Lets hear it for the bears!! Bear Shifters Rock!!!


Book Summary
Teddy wanted some time off. He never expects to get chased by a cougar, then stalked by the obsessed female to his favorite hangout. He never expects to meet Constable Richard Bear, who arrives just in time to save him from the red-haired menace.Richard Bear, Royal Canadian Mountie, never expected to find true love in a bar. But he’s pretty sure Theo is just that. Everything feels just right between them — until a cougar shifter insists Theo isn’t Richard’s true mate, but belongs to her, instead.

Things can get a little hairy when you date a bear — and even hairier when a cougar wants him, too.

Publisher’s Note: How Not to Date a Bear, Too! was originally released as Part 1 and Part 2. This Box Set contains both volumes in one edition.

Excerpt! Excerpt!

How Not to Date a Bear, Too!
Stephanie Burke
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 Stephanie Burke

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

“Unnnn — that feels so good…”

Theodore Bazanov, Keeper of Heritage and second in command of the Great Bear Clan of Manitoba shifted his ass just so and groaned in pleasure he couldn’t hide.

His whole body shuddered as he hit the perfect spot. He squeezed his eyes closed and prayed he wouldn’t be too sore after, but this hardness, this thick mass… it was too good to stop. Almost there… almost there… almost —

“Ohh, look at what we have here –”

The lascivious tone made Theo’s eyes open with a snap, bringing him back to a sudden and angering awareness. Snarling, he turned from the tree he was using to try to reach that infuriating itch in the small of his back, to glare at the —

What the hell?

It was female, that much he could make out. But she — um… She had bright red hair that glowed in swirls and curls around her head, giving her an almost bloody halo in the noonday sun. Her skin was a strange orange-tan color, the shade of some old leathers he once owned. Usually not a tone found on healthy human skin. Her eyes were a vibrant, unnatural blue that seemed to have laser intensity.

Something in him recoiled at the sight of her, his flight or fight instincts taking a definite turn for flight. For the first time in his life since he reached adulthood, Theo felt like prey, and his bear didn’t like it one bit.

He shuffled back, lumbering on two powerful hind legs, his black eyes never leaving the face of the she-beast who was moving closer.

“Come back, little bear,” she wailed, waving her arms, her unnaturally large breasts not swaying at all with her movements. Then her voice got deep, an unmistakably sexual overtone taking over. “I only want to pet you.”

Fuck, no, he thought before he turned tail and ran. There was only so much a male in his position was able to put up with, and degenerate middle-aged women were not part of the plan.

“I’m gonna get ya, catch ya,” she said merrily as she gave chase. “And then I’m gonna eat ya.”

Not if I can help it, his mind yowled as he sped up, putting more distance between him and the woman. How could she run so fast in five-inch heels?

“Come back, little polar bear,” she panted, gaining ground. “I want to talk to you.”

He doubled his speed once more. But the she-beast wasn’t giving up. In her tight Capri pants and the red-orange lace tank top, she was gaining. She was moving so fast that her feet became a blur of crystal shoes and ten tiny lights from the red-orange toenail polish she sported. She reached out for him, her fingernails like black talons, and he suddenly broke right, hoping to dodge her.

“No fair!” she wailed, skidding to a halt, tossing up torn vegetation and soil. “Momma doesn’t like her pets to play games.” The bitch wasn’t even out of breath.

Shaking his head in dismay, Theo raced ahead, using the small advantage his sudden direction change had given him to extend the distance between them. And still, she wasn’t giving up.

“Frisky,” she growled, bending low, almost like a cartoon character or an animated ninja as she ran, rapidly closing the distance.

Fuck this, his horrified mind screamed as he tossed off all pretense of a real bear and began to use his preternatural strength. His four paws pounded the ground, eating the terrain before him as he scouted for the best place to run and hide. He was on Clan land, so using his bear abilities wouldn’t shock any of the natives.

“That’s my bear!” he heard and looked over his shoulder, agog. The strange female was catching up… in her high heels… and her blindingly bright toenails.

He was so distracted by the sight that only instinct had him swirling around a figure that suddenly appeared before him.

He automatically dodged, nearly tripping over his hind legs as the man… beast… creature… mountie, his dwindling facilities supplied, jerked on his reins to control his rearing horse.

Oh, and what a mountie, Theo decided as he regained his balance. He was beautiful, his long black hair flowing in the breeze like in some Hollywood western. His thighs, thick and muscular, clamped together as he rose to stand in the stirrups. His ass was rounded perfection, and Theo could see the muscles strain under his tight red jacket. Dark brown eyes held his for an impossibly long second when the Earth seemed to stand still and…

“Fuzzy Wuzzy!”

The bitch was back!

He was about to pour on the speed and get out of Dodge when a deep, gravelly voice halted him in his tracks. “This is protected land. You do not belong here.”

Time to hear that Dropping Sound… just a little late…

Have you ever dreamed of being a mercenary, battling the bad guys with secret spy stuff, destroying the world as we know it? Yeah, me to. So I give you a new series from Changeling Press, Legendary: One of Seven!

SB_Legendary1_XL copy

Book Summary
Electra. A deadly combination of beauty, stealth and strength. Her performance is always top notch, her leadership skills impeccable, and the camaraderie she shares with her men unheard of in a Merc Troup.Others call her Lady Death.

Midas calls her his little chameleon. And he knows he will probably be responsible for her demise.

Excerpt! Excerpt!

One of Seven (Legendary)
Stephanie Burke
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 Stephanie Burke

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

What a deadly combination of beauty, stealth and strength.Secretly he called her the chameleon, his little chameleon. Others called her Lady Death, but to him she was always his little chameleon.

How she did the things she did was simply beyond his understanding. Her performance was always top notch, her leadership skills impeccable, and the camaraderie she shared with her men unheard of in a Merc Troup. He knew it would probably be responsible for her death.

“Electra.” His voice was blank, devoid of emotion, surprisingly monotone, as was normal for him. “Mission complete.”

“And I assume there were no witnesses?” It was a statement more than a question.

Electra stared at her lieutenant from beneath a fringe of dark, stick-straight hair. She expected no less than perfection from anyone in her company, herself included.

“Only acceptable losses.”

“Midas.” Her voice was as crisp and cold as the look that leapt into her eyes. “There is no such thing as an acceptable loss. All human life is worth something.” Her eyes trailed over his body, and she frowned slightly. “Even yours.”

Midas said nothing, just calmly stared at his leader, accepting the condemnation she delivered in smooth tones that dripped with the anger she was barely holding back.

“So what do you have to say for yourself, Lieutenant? This was supposed to be a simple assignment, and somehow you come back and tell me there were acceptable losses? You know I never ask my people to do anything I would not and could not successfully do, and I would never consider any loss of life acceptable unless they were about to cut your fucking head off with a chainsaw.” Her words were low and clipped. “I could have done this job in my sleep, Midas, and never would have garnered the notice of the most observant person on the streets. Make your excuses, and they had better be good ones.”

“Mechanical losses.” His reply was given in his dead, emotionless voice, and that was all he said, though he had to bite his cheek to hold in his amusement. Getting her worked up was so much fun. As much as he maintained his cover as an emotional desert, she fairly glowed with the feelings she rarely sought to hide. Once you got to know Electra, all her emotions showed clearly on her face.

Running her fingers through her hair, she sighed deeply as the tension drained from her body, still leaving her at alert, but toning down the battle-ready edge. Stand by, he thought as he watched her eyes open, their amber depths calming a little. She had easily enough dropped into standby mode.

“Report.” Just like that. No apologies for her assumption, no regrets, no emotions — just back to the business at hand.

And the man known only as Midas began to speak.

“Loss of one poorly placed surveillance camera — it was found during an unscheduled sweep and was deactivated. The built in fail-safe was activated and the camera self-detonated causing the loss of one listening device. Target personnel acquired new transport after an unplanned mechanical incident… his car was rendered inoperable when his civilian vehicle failed due to faulty wiring not of our design. Losses dropped the efficiency of the mission by approximately three percent. Information was acquired through the usual means; fail-safes and extra precautions were not necessary. Mission completed with a ninety-seven percent proficiency, acceptable within mission parameters, yet unacceptable by my standards. Any disciplinary actions taken are understood and applicable, Commander.”

And just like that he placed his own head on the chopping block, waiting for a chainsaw he knew may or may not drop.

As easy as it was to read Electra’s emotions, it was that much more difficult to determine what her actions would be. “What punishment do you think is acceptable, Ice Man?”

“Any you feel necessary.”

She eyed him for a moment before snorting in what appeared to be disbelief. She relaxed back in her chair, staring balefully at his face. “You did your job. If a few of your toys didn’t behave, that is your problem. If the idiot you were following didn’t maintain his personal vehicle that is none of our affair. You followed him, got the information we needed, and got out undetected. Don’t look to me to castigate your troubled soul, Ice Man. I am not into flagellation. You want to be beaten for all the dark stains on your soul, get a dominatrix.”

“Commander.” Nodding, he turned with military precision and quit the room.

“Oh, and Midas?”

He paused at his commander’s voice, not turning around but curious as to what the woman would say.

“Ninety-seven percent is better than ninety-six. If you fuck up, I will let you know. Mission was competed in record time, no casualties, and you drew no suspicion to our cause. Don’t flagellate yourself too hard. I suggest masturbation as a stress relief. It doesn’t do much for guilt, but it will help you sleep at night.”

Midas blinked at her once, then gave her a slight nod. Masturbation… right. He continued out of the room, wishing she had yelled at him or even thrown a punch. Yet once again, she offered him platitudes and advice that was going to keep him awake in his bunk.

She was beautiful — God, was she beautiful — and she was one tough military commander, one of the best he had ever served under.

But he just needed her to yell, to scream, to punish him for something, for anything. That would make his guilt so much easier to take… especially for what he was about to do to her.

Instead he never looked back as he exited her office, his footsteps ringing on the diamond-plate metal floor. He walked out of the room, knowing the information he returned to her would lead to her leaving her protective nest and giving him the time he needed to activate a plan that had been in motion for years.

It was almost time for… it was almost time. And he couldn’t hate himself more.

Still not dead and I has progress!!!

Nope, not dead yet… just feeling like it! LOL

Long stories… where to start…

Well, I wound up in the hospital. I picked up a nasty strain of a stomach virus and after three days praying to porcelain pete and driving the toilet buss, I had to be rushed to the ER.

Now I thought it was maybe the med withdrawal… I was feeling ill so I didn’t take them, but nope. Some diseased person shared their joy.. the gift that keeps on giving… grumble.

And the ER was an adventure. I had my friend Latrisha  Lee drive me in the middle of the night. Vertigo is no joke really when paired with nausea and an overwhelming urge to see what my insides look like… I was not a very stable camper. But I got triaged and it only took the nice male RN one time to get the vein. He tapped it like a pro. I was impressed. Then it was back to the waiting room where I ran into a young fan. Seriously, her name was Ashley and she wanted to be a writer too. Like me she has ADHD and some learning disabilities. She talks more than me and you know that is hard to do. LOL But we chatted. Trish translating my grunts and groans, and she got my autograph which she swore to keep forever… I have no idea what I wrote on that piece of paper, but she was hugging it hard.  They called me back and I was grateful for my earlier shower and the surprise matching undies… seriously, I hit the jackpot by putting on the first clean foundation out of the drawer and they matched… Score one more for team lucking-out! LOL I still have no idea why that amuses me so much… Oh well.

Long story short… I know, too late… Virus. I was so dehydrated that they could not get a vein to tap for an IV… Had to try both arms before there was success. And let me tell you, I got stories about that hospital visit from the kid next to me in treatment room 14… I was in 13 (I am telling you this for a reason) who’s parents freaked out over his shaking… come to find out he was higher than a kite and fell asleep during the parental lecture given with some serious anger.

Then i started to tell jokes to my new male RN Jim… he was a dear heart and I wanted his earrings. But I digress. For no reason the IV machine came on and spooked my female tech. It was brand new, in wrapped plastic no less, and she started telling us tales of how this hall seemed to be haunted. I giggled but then after I got my bag of iv fluids and some anti-nausea meds, the sink came on… by itself. Made poor Trish jump and we giggled again. Then there was some church music going on somewhere and a creepy janitor, and then the blood pressure machine came on by itself. When we told my female tech, she was ready to beat feet out of the hospital and not return… and I found that laugh worthy. Did great for our spirits, but not so good for the migraine. After 5 hours, and much begging cause Trish decided that the breakfast buffet was not up to her standards in the hospital, we were let go after another direct shot of anti nausea meds… right in the vein. Man, I needed the laugh after having to explain Nail Patella Syndrome and having the doctor tell me, ironically, that maybe I needed to try weed for the pain. Snicker.

Then I made it home with a bottle of gator aide and a cat who wants to eat my corpse if I stopped moving on the couch… and the one cat who defended me. Mistopholes knows where his cat nip comes from. …

So, I am not dead, but I did miss a book release, have not been able to take my pain pills until this week, and have not had a full plate of food as eating makes me ill. They say it should taper off soon and thank goodness. I miss being active and exercising…. I can’t even tell that lie. I miss bacon! OMG I want bacon! All the bacons! And they ate all the bacons while I was ill… sniffle…

Well, I am back now, I am trying to make up missing out on a lot of writing, and sleeping through my birthday.

April 4th… I am now the answer to the meaning of life! LOL I am geeky enough to tell the joke and I know most of you are geeky enough to get it. Long live geeks! LOL

Love you all!

Special announcement coming right after this!