Flash Fiction Fridays! WOOT!

I call this little gem… The Back Forty… *g*


“Is that pot supposed to be moving… and have tentacles?”

I stared horrified at the thing my seemingly mild mannered neighbors were cooking.

Who knew that UFO’s really landed… then moved next door.

I didn’t mean to spy them having freaky monkey sex out back… but when one man has four penis’ – peni?— and the other seven, its hard to look away.

To shut me up… and hide the embarrassment of getting caught, they invited me to dinner.

With 11 peni wagging at me, I daren’t say no.

So I was… watching one stab the thing in the pot. This was so not mama’s home-cooking. And the the naked thing…

“One cock?” number 4 sounded dismayed.

“Been working out well for me,” I offered. “We eating that?”

“No,” 7 chucked. “This … for insertion? And you have but one hole… one penis—“

This was not going to end well.


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