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Time to hear that dropping sound…



I have two… count them, two amazing things happen to me today. First… Its new release day. I know I am late but guess what? Today The Slayer makes it Re-Release! WOO HOO! And the cover… yes, to die for! *g* Second… Happy Birthday to Me hit the ARe Best seller list! WOO HOO! Two great things! I am going to sit back, drink my hot tea, and bask for a moment! LOL Great Afternoon! *g*


The Slayer by Stephanie BurkeBestsellerIcon100X100

Nerd Rage at its Finest!!!! Warning… Foul Language Ahead…

G*ddamnit! Balticon bent me over and fucked me up the ass without Vaseline again! I am so pissed I am shaking!!!

I requested literary tract as a focus and costuming as a secondary and I don’t have any literary panels. I am so fucking mad right now! I filled out the fucking form they sent me months ago and they promised that this would not happen like it did a few years ago. I mean WTF!!?? All costuming and no literary┬ápanels to speak of.

I am so beyond pissed right now. If I knew this was going to happen, I would not have turned down the events that I did get invited to with family and friends. But once again Balticon fucked me up the ass. I don’t like that raw donkey-punched feeling. I could have saved my friggin money on promotions… now I promised people I would be there for the costuming portion but why the hell am I going if I can’t talk about my main field of writing and world building? If I didn’t promise people I would be there for the costuming, I wold tell Balticon to take a flying fuck off of a short pier! Why am I supporting an organization that treats me like crap? I am done.

This is my last Balticon… again. Every time I try to leave, they promise this will never happen again and once again I get fucked over. I am so tired… so damn tired.