Friday Flash Fiction!!!!

Flash Fiction Fridays at Changeling Press… I give you… THe Tentacle Monster! LOL

Flash Fiction Fridays 3/14/2014

“So scared –”it whimpered, huddling against the blanket. “
“Shhh,” I made soothed as I handed a tentacles a cup of tea. It was surrounded by pearlized limbs– he shined like an old jewel in the moon light.
“Women,” he shuddered, his full lips red and plump. “Short ones, old ones, skinny ones, tall ones,” looked at me, horror in his eyes. “Barely legal ones– all over me… touching me… rubbing me… sucking me– their mouths, the vaginas.”
I felt so bad for him —
“The worst part,” he sniffled, tears filling his huge green eyes. “I—I’m gay.”
I would apologize later. I lost control and pounced.
“Good,” I gasped. It tossed the cup and was on me, rubbing, slicking me up, sliding in….
“Multiple insertion!” I gasped and it leered. I had been played.
That was okay. I’ll tell I’m a sushi loving serial killer… much later.

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