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Cold Burn… it will be done! I promise!

I am working on this book! I have been for years! This year I want it done so I can stop getting pins poked in the voodoo doll that someone made of me! LOL

Cold Burn

“I’m going back.”
The statement silenced the people in the room. The expressions ran the gauntlet from shock to confusion. Spark’s face wore a frankly amazed look that perfectly mirrored his wife’s. Confusion showed plainly on herparent’s faces as they absorbed what she had said.
“Where dear? Back to school, back home, back to the future?” Kendall tried to laugh at her lame joke, even though everybody else looked t her as if she had a screw loose.
They were finishing up dinner before the family left The House to return to their normal lives. This family weekend was the first since Spark and Zanya wed nearly six months ago and Spark began his another career as the most erotic man alive.
The controversial and very explicit photographs of Spark dressed in leather in a variety of poses exceeded everyone’s expectations. Business at Flash and Flame picked up its bookings and Crystal Faces was sending out models to some of the top designers in the world. Zanya’s name, already famous in this country, was now known the world over as the ingenious artists with the ability to push the envelope and get results. Business for everyone was booming.
So now, it was rare that the family had the opportunity to meet together and bask in the warm companionship that surrounded this house and they all sorely missed the comforts of home.
“Kind of like the future, Mom,” Ember finally replied. Her gray eyes shied away from her mother’s gaze and connected with her fathers.
“I’m going home.”
The silence in the room was like an explosion.
“Home?” Kendall questioned. “I don’t understand.”
She had an inclining to what her daughter was referring to the minuet she opened her mouth, but Kendall began to resist the idea. She wanted her children safe, and that meant within easy access of family.
“It’s time, Mom. I feel like I have business there to settle.” She implored her mother to understand with her eyes. Her hands fisted in her lap, hidden beneath the table, but otherwise she appeared calm as assured.
“Business? What business could you have to settle there?”
Kendall was noticeably upset trying to blink back tears and fears. Tears because she knew that she was losing her only daughter and fears because she thought to never see her again. Her chest tightened as she automatically reached for Flame’s hand, his very presence helping her to regain a measure of control.
“I don’t know yet mama,” she implored, searching for some signs of understanding on her mothers face. “But it is calling me. Testrios is calling me. I have to go, mama, I have to go.”
“Oh Ember,” Kendall sighed, finally accepting that her daughter would do as she felt best. She had helped to raise her that way, confident in her own abilities and sure of herself. For a moment her head dropped in her sadness, then she proudly lifted her head. She had to plan. In true Kendall fashion, she began to mentally calculate provisions needed on the trip to her daughter’s home world.
“Are you sure, my daughter?” Flame’s calm voice filled the room, a signal for all to sit up and pay attention.
While Em read the anguish etched on her mother’s face, she tried her best not to feel like an ungrateful insensitive jerk. She sat in her chair and forced back the tears that were nearing the surface. She fought against the urge to throw herself at her mother’s feet and beg for forgiveness for wanting such a hurtful thing.
“Yes, father,” she replied, turning to meet a pair of eyes so identical to her own. “I am sure.”
“Then so be it,”
He rose to his feet, easing Kendall to his side, and turned to quite the room.
“Daddy?” Ember half rose from her seat, a look of panic on her face.
“Be at ease, daughter. There is much to discuss and plan. I will need time to supply you with all of what you need.”
“Yes, father.”
Flame turned to stare at his daughter and a small smile lifted to corners of his mouth.
“You are your mother’s daughter, ever impatient. But a journey like this needs planning.”
“That is not why I reacted.”
“I know,” he replied. “And I love you all the more for your reaction.”
There was utter and complete silence as the two proud parents left the room, although Kendall glanced back a time or two.
“You sure know how to break up a party.”
Spark smirked at his twin and suddenly stiff uncomfortable the silence was broken.
“Up yours, Sparkles,” Ember snorted, blinking back tears as she flipped her brother the middle finger.
“No, up yours, dear sister. Up yours if you actually think that I’m going to let you go flying all over the universe on your own.” He was in pure big brother mode now, stubborn and demanding.
“If you let me? I have you know that I have been a grown woman for quite some time now, Sparky! I do what I want to do!”
She rose up out of her seat and leaned towards her twin,
“And I can clean up after you get done screwing things up!”
He met her challenge dead on, glaring and forehead scrunched in anger.
“Shut up you two! God, you both give me such a headache! Stubbornness in red heads must be universal!”
Zanya rolled her eyes at the pair of tall combatants who in turn turned to glare at her.
“Zanya, this is important, baby!” Spark tried to explain. “I have been charged with my sisters protection from birth, and this is dangerous!”
“Zanya! This is about following destiny, my destiny! I have to do this! And the red hared ape over here will not keep me form what I own!”
“And what do you exactly own, Zan? Besides a big hard head?” Spark’s voice rang with sarcasm.
“I am a Queen, dear brother! And not only a Queen, a damn fine one at that!”
“Yes, look at the Queen of nothing! How you gonna rule, Ember? You have no people skills!”
“People skills!”
“Yes, people skills! Running a business and running a booth for a few months out of the year does not a ruler make!”
“I’ll show you people skills! If we were on Testrios right now, I’d send you for re-education!”
“You and what army?”
“The army that I would control as Mistress of the House of Ice!”
“And why they gonna follow you, Ember? To them you are just another usurp female trying to steal that house! People don’t follow you because of who you are, they die for you because of what you are!”
“And what am I?”
“A spoiled overindulged little brat!”
“All right! I’ve had it with the both of you!”
Two sparkling pairs of gray eyes turned towards Zan, who was calmly watching the two of them go back and forward, as if she were at a tennis match.
“Zan,” Spark began.
“Zanya,” Ember countered.
“Enough!” Zanya shouted, and Zanya rarely raised her voice. That was enough to silence them both.
“I don’t; believe you two! You are arguing like a fish monger and his over-opinionated wife, and I have yet to decide who is who!”
At her words, an embarrassed flush suffused both of their faces. They slowly took their seats, still shooting heated glances at each other.
“Now, I am going to say this one time. Act like a family. If you remember your family history and boy do I, you will do well to remember that anger between siblings started all of this mess. Your aunt was out to kill you and your father before you were born and he had to flee in order to keep you safe. That takes love and a strong love at that! A love that you too obviously lack/”
“No fair, Zan,” Spark interrupted. I love my sister almost as much as I love you. I am charged with her protection.”
“And I love Spark, it’s just that sometimes he is a bit overbearing.”
“Well them, I suggest you two start acting like you love each other, if we are going to do this thing right.”
“WE?” the twins asked in unison, as they sometimes did without thinking.
“Well, its obvious that you have to go, Ember. You will not be happy otherwise. And it is also clear to me that your brother will not be fit to live with if you go off all alone and unprotected. Your parents can’t go back because your father refuses to ever break his word and step foot on that planet again and the only person who can go and keep an eye on you is Spark. And I go to keep an eye on him.”
“But Zan, this will be dangerous,” Spark argued.
“So is making me mad, Spark. We are both due a vacation and I for one would love to get a little travel in.”
“This is no pleasure cruse, Zanya,” Ember reminded her beloved sister in law. “I may start a revolution.”
“Or a civil war,” Zanya added helpfully and watched as Ember blanched.
“I see you haven’t thought of the repercussions of your actions. Not the actions of a ruler, Ember. Do you honestly think that your aunt will hand the House of Ice over to you, no questions asked? Or that your grandmother will let her? Think girl! You need a plan! Your father was correct when he said that you needed time to plan. And since there will be no happiness until your brother and father know that you are protected, we all have time to learn before we depart.”
“But Zanya,” Ember said quietly, and the monstrosity of her idea settled on her shoulders. “This is really dangerous. I may never return home.”
“Well, dear, then we will have to plane so that I will make it back home with my Sparkles. I mean, on of those women may try and steal him! I can’t let that happen,” she joked.
“Zan,” Spark sighed. “This is no laughing matter.”
“I know that, Sparkles,” she added as she rose from her chair. “So I suggest we get to studying. There is a lot to learn and a little time to take it all in. We go as one and you will do what you have to do, Ember. But you will not go it alone. Settled?”
The twins stared at each other and then at the small general who had easily taken over the conversation as gave her orders.
“Understood,” they both chimed in.
“And can you teach me to do that?” Ember asked.
“What?” Zan tuned a sweet smile to her husbands’ twin.
“To run rough shod over everyone in the room and dominate a conversation?”
“Easily done! Comes form working with surly and childish models.”
“Hey!” Spark cried out, his voice raising as he took in her words.
“I didn’t; say you, dear,” Zanya placated, then turned to Ember and rolled her eyes.
“This is going to be some fun trip,” Ember sighed. But then she smiled. She had a Keeper of the Flame and a general on her side. Nothing could go wrong!”

That OMG Moment when you realize you are sleeping with the preternatural Mafia….

This is a IMG moment… when you realize you are sleeping with the son of a preternatural mafia Don… I give you Arden’s dark realizations the novel I am working on called A Murder of Crows: Damus….

“You want me to get to my father, yes?” Damus tilted his head as he stared down at the man who had tried to murder him and ???.
“We’re going to kill that bastard,” the man hissed, on his knees but not defiant. As soon as that coward comes out of hiding—“
“You court death, yes?” His black eyes were taking on a reddish cast and Arden felt her eyes widen, her heart race as the sound of her hard frightened breathing filled the room.
“Fuck you,” the man roared, turning to Arden. “Bitch—“
“I—I-“ Arden stammered
“Yes, you attack at the seat of our power, you attempt to draw the leader to defend his subordinates and you failed.”
“Your time is coming,” he hissed. “You and your kind will—“
The sound of the pullet echoed in the room, slightly louder than the spatter of brain matter and blood hitting the cold marble and the frightened shriek that Arden could not control.
“You—you killed him.”
She stared at Damus with new eyes, frightened of the man as she had never been before. He was not just some young crazy out to have a good time. He was s stone cold killer.
She stared at him, his head still tilted to the side as he watched his enemies blood thickly coat his floors, showing no emotion other than an odd curiosity.
“Hmm,” he nodded to himself before a familiar smile spread across his face. “They always die so easily,” then he turned to her with s shrug. “Nice gun—“
Y—you killed him.”“Why yes I did, Arden” He nodded at her before he added, “I killed him hard. That is why half his head is on the floor and his blood is very rapidly covering the ballroom floor.”
“I—I’m going to be sick—“ Arden felt herself gag as the smell of blood and human waste settled around her. Her heart was pounding and a cold sweat broke out over her body. She was trembling and could not stop it as she watched Damus toss the tip on top of the body and walk towards her.
“Arden—““You killed him!” she breathed slower, managing to hold down her stomach a gore continued to spread across the room. He could not stop her eyes from traveling to him and then back to Damus.
“Yes, but he was bad, Arden. He was going to kill us first.”
“Did you think this was some kind of game, Arden?” he asked, tilting his head toe the side in that bird like manner he held, his black eyes flat and intent on her face. “I told you that I was a killer. I told you that I am ruthless when t comes to protecting what is mine. I told you that there could be no comprise when my life and the lives of those I love are at stake.”
“But-but but you had him,” she protested weakly, unable to rise up off the floor to confront him face to face. “He was unarmed—defenseless—“
“He was never defenseless, Arden. His very nature was a threat to my existence, to your existence, to the existence of my father and my brothers, of all that I hold dear. And no he is no longer a problem.”
“They are not even here!” she found herself shouting as her shock gave way to anger and fear. “They are not here and you killed him!”
“Or he would have killed us Arden. Do you think that this is a game? Do you think he would have walked out, shook hands with us and peaceably returned to his home? Maybe come back later for tea and crumpet with my father, yes? “ He straightened his head and stared at her coldly. “No, Arden. He would have slit your throat the moment my back was turned or he would have returned to his people and told of my weakness… you. And they would have come for you Arden. With knives and guns, and weapons that you have never imagined in your human mind. Hey would have come for you and they would have taken you and what they would have done to you. Arden..” he sadly shook his head. 
“You don’t know that-““I know, yes, because that is what they did to my mother.”
Her mouth shut with a snap.
“”Yes, those same people, Arden. They would have done things to you that would make you beg for death. And they would be sure to return your remains to us so that we could experience the last moments of your life.”
Arden felt the truth of his words and again her stomach turned. “I’m going to be sick—“
“Then my all means, do it here,” he encouraged with a nod. “My vultures have to come for the body and I am quite sure a little vomit will not turn them from their duties here and tomorrow the ballroom will be as pristine as ever, yes?”

before end chapter circumstance before they take Arden
“You can’t buy me, Damus. I am not for sale.” The tossed the bolt of silk to the bed, her eyes transmitting ager better than any words of body language could. “Not for your silks or your jewels… My loyalty goes to those who deserve it.”
“My father once told me to treat any woman I take to my bed as my queen, yes?”
She stared at him as she thought back to all that she has been through—her life being threatened, the man getting his brains blown out, how her friend was warning her about these people and their shady business—It was all too much.
“Then I abdicate the throne.”
Her words stole his breath and left him standing there wide eyed as the fading echoes of the slamming door punctuated her departure.

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright… an M/M 4-some coming up…

WE had some drama, some action… now back to the comedy! I am writing this one for my beta Mona Bronson-Fuqua and my friend Judy Buranich… Man, this is the series that will kill me! LOL

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright
Stephanie Burke

“Oh my God, I don’t believe what my eyes are trying to tell me!”
“What?” the voiced in her hear squeaked. “What, Judy? What happened?”

“I just saw… oh my God! I can’t believe it! And right next door too!”
“What! What did you see? Judy, don’t make me come over there!”
“Mona,” Judy panted, her chest heaving and her panties decidedly damp as she watched the two men leave her sight. “Live yaoi!”
The squeal as her nest friend let out was almost deafening
“I’m coming over!”
“You are at work!”
“I can get out early!”
“They are inside now,”
Judy cackled as she slammed the door to her Rent-A-Hauler truck and stepped onto the street in front of her new rental.
“Damn is too weak a word,” she moaned, fanning herself with a weak hand. “You didn’t see my neighbors.”
“Are they hot?”
“Out of Men’s fitness,” she moaned, leaning against the closed truck door as she began to picture all of the nasty little…big things the two hunks were going to be doing to each other. “One seme and one definite uke…I think. Maybe they switch?”
“I’m coming over.”
“You need help unpacking and I need something pretty to look at. And are they right next door kind of neighbors or down the street neighbors?”
“Next door.”
“I’m bringing my video camera too!”
“What? You not willing to share the eye candy? I’ll bring the wine.”
“Make it two bottles,” Judy chuckled. “It was a lot to see and from what I can tell,” she peered at the house where the two beautiful men had disappeared, “They don’t have curtains.”
“Need a roomie?” Mona chucked.
“Go away,” Judy laughed, her amusement easing some of the tension in her aroused body. “And hurry up and get here.”
“On my way.”
Judy disconnected the phone and chucked as she looked around her. It looked like she moved into the perfect neighborhood. Well, she allowed as she rose up and made the shirt walk up the driveway to the front door of her new rental, it had the perfect scenery.”


“Harder!” Blake was moaning, his pleasure as his lover pounded into him harder.
His arms were thrown over Krika’s neck; his legs wrapped around his lover’s waist as the man tightened his grip on his waist and began to pound him in earnest.
“Kri!” he moaned, his head falling back as a his wild lover spread his knees further on the bed on which he knelt and braced him so he could give Blake was he was begging for.
Blake gasped at each thrust, the small sounds of shock and pleasure forcing itself from his throat each time his lover’s balls slammed into his ass, each time his pelvis hit the cushioned cheeks of his ass, each time his lovers wide cock speared him to the fullest.
He was lost in sensation, his head hanging back as he began to loose control of his body.
He was barely aware when Krika moved forward, dropping his back to the bounding mattress so that he cold loom over him.
The thrusts never stopped and neither did the words pouring for Kirka’s mouth.
“Such a pretty little ass,” he praised, “—tight little hole you have for me.”
His mindless chatter only added fuel to the flames of Blake’s desire as he stared deeply into the eyes of his lover, helpless mewls purring up from his throat.
“Yes, baby,” he spoke in low tones, a groan in his voice as he allowed his ling red hair to envelop both of their faces. “You like this dick in your ass? You like this dick fucking your ass?”
“Um hum,” Blake managed and that was about all he could. His body was shuddering, his muscles quivering under the steady onslaught of passion from Krika.
“Yeah?” Kirak asked, slowing his body until his thrusts took on a serpentine grind that sent fire shooting through his body,
“Yeah,” he breathed, his chest arching up as his form began to quiver uncontrollably.
“Yeah, baby. Mmm.” Kirka finally purred. “Love my baby’s tight ass. Love how you grip me. Yeah, tight little hole.”
Then suddenly he took up his pounding rhythm again.
Blake let out a yowl and reached for his cock, desperate to ease some of the tension that was driving him mad.
But Kria intercepted him.
“No, pretty kitty,” he breathed, “You come on my dick alone.”
Blake cursed in frustration before his eyes flittered shit as Krika shifted again, striking his prostrate and several nerves, making his body stiffen as the world began to spin madly around him.
“Can’t!” he panted, his head grinding into the pillows behind him. “Can’t hold—“
“Let it go, baby!” Kirka demanded, increasing the already demanding pace of his thrusts, spanking Blake’s ass with his hips and he powerfully slammed into the smaller make. “Let it all go for me!”
Blake was no panting, his hands helplessly digging into the bedding beside him as his fingertips began to tinge.
“Krika!” he shouted as he felt his control slip and his stomach muscles tighten as a shocking pleasure began to fill him.
“Yeah, baby,” Krika was shouting. “Come on. Let it go! Let it got baby.”
A burning pain ran down Blake’s limbs and mingled with the pleasure as if one was dependant on the other. Both grew and spread when combined, the burning, the itching the throbbing and tearing. He could not take much more! He was going to—break!
And when his control snapped, a sharp pain that was quickly lost in his pleasure buried his hands as long talons exploded, tearing into the bedding, sending tufts of cotton flying in the air around them.
“Kria!” Blake roared his lovers name as his body froze in a tight arch, as his head snapped forward as his body tired to curl in on itself.
He roared wordlessly as wide ivory fangs exploded from his upper jaw and the shadow of dark stripes flared up from beneath the surface of his skin.
“Fuck yeah!” Kriaka was moaning as Blake’s body went wild beneath him. “Yeah baby! Le it all out! Give it up to me! Give it up now~!”
And then without ever being touched, Blake’s thick cock exploded, sending streamers of pearly white semen spraying over the corded muscles of his chest.
He roared again and threw his head back as his body seemed to free itself form all restraints and shook violently. The walls in his ass slammed down on the long hard cock penetrating him and it was all he could do to remember to breathe.
“So good, baby,” Kirka was now purring, bending over him once more to lap at his neck, his hear, his chin, and finally at the blood that dripped form the side of his mouth from where his fangs tore through.
His body was sensitized and each of Krika’s movements sent another shaft of pure pleasure zooming through his being.
And Kirka was now going for his own release.
Blake managed t open his eyes and look up as his lover’s skin took on a mass of white stripes, as his bared his teeth and his own ling fangs exploded, as the hands beside his head twisted and cured into something that was a cross between human and beast.
Krika gave up his control and allows a partial shift even as his cock hardened further un in Blake’s ass before it began to throb and quiver.
“Here it comes, baby,” Kiraka growled, his voice going deeper as the partial change solidified. “Here it comes!”
Then Bake threw his hips up, tingling his hole around the formidable prick in his ass, pulling a shout from Kirka. “Yeah baby! Tighten around that dick! Clench down on it! Make me come!”
The warm gush of Krika’s release was a soothing balm that exited as Blake whimpered his acceptance of the gift his lover bestowed upon him.

And Krika trembled above him; he reached up and pulled the larger male to his chest, a deep purr rumbling in his chest as he held his devastated lover.
Slowly, he could feel Krika’s muscles relax and giving into exhaustion as he shifted slightly so that he full weight was not on the smaller make, but she still enveloped him, protected him with his body.
“Perfect baby,” Kriaka moved again siding up so that he cradled Blake’s face in his neck as if sheltering him from the world, his own deep rumble of a purr joining with his lover’s.”
They lay devastated in a mass of tangled hair, sweat, and exhaustion but both were completely satisfied,
Blake knew that it would take some time for his outward changes to receded, but he didn’t mind so long as he was cradled comfortably in his lover’s arms.
Unlike Krika who could change at will, it was always a struggle for Blake to let go of the chains he placed on his own body. He had no idea why this was so, but both Amur and Kira figured it had something to so with his particular species of extinct tyger.
Caspian Tygers had been rare before Mongols invaded Russia and by the time he was discovered, he appeared to be the last one. He had no one to teach him the ways of his people so when he was discovered by the clan of Siberian’s who had taken him in, everything he learned about survival was based in instinct and need.
Krika figured that he needed to hide what e was from the nomadic tribe who had found him, so therefore it was hard for him to relax his control of the change.
But whatever the reason, he could change with a bit of effort, thought it took longer for him to return to his human shape.
But none of that mattered right now. Right now the sun was shining thought he windows, the air was warm and fragrant with he smell of animal musk and raw sex, and he was comfortable lost in the next of hair and skin that was created by his lover.
He would think more about things later, after a nap. And then his lover could tell him about this new border who moved in next to them and seemed oddly interested in the sight of two grown men kissing.

Frost Bitten…

I love my anthropomorphic characters… frigging Bunny Rabbit… but I have been fighting with this guy for some time. Maybe posting him here and getting soem comments will help….

Frost Bitten

Damn, she knew how to touch him right!
The feel of her hot hands, those caressing fingers, sent fever hot tremors through his body.
He sighed as a wet tongue followed the trail of those fingers, across the tightly corded muscles of his stomach to the trail of hair that started just above his navel.
“Yes,” he muttered as he felt her tongue travel through his hair to lap at the base of his cock, making the eleven inches rock hard and pulse at her skilled touch.
She drug her tongue along the shaft, leaving a moist wet trail that her fingers firmly massaged into his skin as her hand fisted around his length.
The first puff of air on the hooded head caused streams of precum to roll out of his slit to be eagerly lapped up and savored.
As soon as his body registered this delicious sensation, his whole head was engulfed in the wettest hottest mouth that he had ever encountered.
“Gods,” he gasped as the skilled tongue began to run around his glands, to ease into the silken hood of his uncut cock, to tease the sensitive head inside.
“Mmm,” She purred as she began to suck.
He shuddered at her actions. It was a pleasure bordering on pain! She raked her nails across his back, combining the burning with the cool caress of her touch.
Again and again she raked her nails, tearing and rending…
Wait! This wasn’t right!
He tired to move, but suddenly, his hands were slammed against a wall, strong hard hands holding him in place.
He opened his mouth to protest such treatment, but a blinding pain so sharp struck his body that it left him mute and gasping for breath.
He opened his eyes and saw….
The same chamber, the same stone wall, the same manacles holding him in place.
“That was fun,” a female hissed from behind, in his ear and then he remembered in stunning clarity.
He was not in the bed of some pleasure master, he was being held captive in this hot place. And he wasn’t experiencing joy at a skilled woman’s hands, he was experiencing the after effects of the drugs she had forced into him.
It wasn’t all a dream; it was reality. And it wasn’t over yet.

“Kill me now! Please, for the love of the gods, kill me now!”
His body lashed, warm blood dripping down the numerous open wounds on his back, Dazz hung against the wall and muttered for death.
He would never give his captors the pleasure of hearing him scream, so he muttered silently to himself.
His people had the ability, when overwhelmed in a situation that would prolong their suffering, to will their bodies to shut down, but his innate ability was failing him. He just didn’t have the strength left.
He forced his tumbling legs to hold him a bit longer; to keep the weight off of his broken wrists, as he tried to muster up the will to extinguish the flame of life that flickered within him.
HE rested his head against the cold slimy wall, drawing some strength from the coolness of the stone, before he again closed his eyes and willed himself to death.
“What shall we do now? He is no fun anymore. He is broken! I want another one!”
His body stiffened at the sound of that petulant female voice, but he soon regretted it. At his movement, pain thundered through his body, almost knocking him off of his feet to dangle naked by his ankles, but he managed to keep upright.
Tears filled his eyes, but he would not let them fall. He was a warrior, unbroken as yet, and he would retain his honor until he could die according toe the dictates of his people.
“I told you not to whip him so,” another tired voice answered. “He is the only one of his kind here and too rare for your rough games.”
The older tired voice belonged to the Namny, the protector of the pampered female who held him captive.
“Well, I want another one!”
The petulant younger one was the Princess Elois, Empress of fire, his people’s mortal enemy.
“You can’t have another one,” The Namny sighed, loosing patience. “He was sent here to end the feud and become your life partner, Princess. That you have drugged him and tied him to the wall for some of your gentler sport will not sit well with his father. Now you must leave him to heal. When you father discovers what you have done….”
“But he will not, will he Namny?”
Elois’s voice took on a sinister tone as he felt her step closer to him.
“We will just tell my father that he took ill here and died before the ceremony could be completed. The war will end and I will have Hyatar, whom I desired to mate with all along.”
“But to kill him, Princess! He is innocent!”
“His kind are never innocent, Namny. They are born guilty and filled with lust and hate.”
“No more, Namny. I will have what I want, his people will have the peace they desire, and he is an acceptable loss.”
Before more could be said, there was a loud gong. Time fore the evening meal and a respite from his torture at the hands of the she-demon.
“At the meal, I shall inform father that my future partner took ill and that it is serious. It will be believed because his kind never deals well with the heat. And tonight, I shall have a final bit of sport before I finish him off. I may even keep a choice part or two, Namny. Although he is so cold to the touch, some parts of his body will be worth the effort to keep.”
Dazz stilled an involuntary shudder, still feigning unconsceinceness so that the women would leave him in peace.
As soon as the door closed, he opened his eyes and turned his head to survey the room.
There had to be a way out of this! His body refused to let him die, so he had to find some other route of escape.
But he saw the same thing, the bare stone walls and the light stone the illuminated his dungeon.
It was hopeless!
And to think that when he saw the black eyed beauty that would be his mate and bringer of peace; he was overwhelmed by his good fortune.
With long flowing red hair and tall muscular frame, Elois seemed the perfect mate for a warrior prince, sure and strong, honorable.
Those hopes were dashed as he was given drugged wine that very night and awoke manacled to this chamber wall.
AS soon as he gave a sign of conscienceless, his true torture had begun.
Now standing here, his back a ribbon of flesh, both wrist broken, his ears clipped and his tail smashed, death still seemed his only hope of escape. He just prayed that he could muster the strength before she started cutting parts off of his body.
As he braced for pain and tugged at the cuffs holding his hands above his head, the door opened and soft footfalls made his mutilated ears flutter.
“No one deserves this,” a voice muttered and the old face of Namny filled his vision.
“Free me,” Dazz hissed, his almond shaped green eyes blazing with what life was left in his body.
“I can’t!” Namny looked terrified as she saw the struggling form of the Snow Cat who would have wed her charge, The Princess of Fire. His silvery white hair was now dull and lifeless as his shattered tail as it stuck to the open wounds on his back. His breathing was labored, as her mistress kept the torture chamber extremely warm by Snow Cat standards, thought it was perfectly suited for her kind.
“Then kill me.”
She stared steadily into her eyes, his eyes never wavering. He was ready to end this existence and find some peace in the blankness of death.
“I can’t” she whispered as she hung her head in shame. What had caused her charge to become so…evil? No one should suffer like this.
“Then free me!” he demanded again.
“They will catch you, kill you.”
“Then I shall die an honorable death in combat! Not hanging on the wall like a slaughter beast of prey.”
Namny struggled with herself, with her loyalty to her mistress and her sense of honor that had been well and truly tainted.
Finally, looking over her shoulder fearfully, Namny walked over and uncoupled the cuffs that held him bound to the wall.
Dazz groaned and hissed as his arms dropped like stones to his sides. They were dead for now, but he knew that the returning feelings would make a peaceful death seem more pleasant.
He felt his knees tremble, then pressure as an arm wrapped around his shoulders and held him upright.
“There is a portal around in the next room,” Namny whispered as he began to lead him form the room, mindless of the blood that soaked through her robes. “I will take you there and you need only speak of the place you wish to go. Instantly, you will be taken there.”
“How can I repay you,” Dazz whispered as he fought to move one foot in front of the other, to keep from falling on his face.
“Live, warrior. Live and do not let yourself mistrust all females for what my mistress has done.”
“My father will more than likely retaliate.”
“As is his right.”
“What is your name, so that you may be spared bloodshed?”
“No, your given birth name.”
“It’s been so long since it’s been used,” she mused as she eased the chamber door open and led him down the hall, peaking around each corner as they moved.
“What is it, so that I may know my savior, not some generic title.”
“Clo,” she whispered, a smile caressing the age worn lines in her face. “Clo the fair.”
But then she became silent as they moved throughout the halls of the lower castle.
After a few twists and turns, and at one point hiding form the guard, Clo and Dazz found themselves at the transport chamber.
“I cannot accompany you inside, warrior. But all you have to do is whisper your destination and you will be taken there.”
“What will happen to you?” Dazz asked, as he began to feel the first sighs of life returning to his arms. He knew that the small tingles would grow larger and turn into an itch. Then the itch would become a red-hot flame that would all but remove any thought but agony from his mind.
“Maybe she will kill me. Maybe she will never know. I am too old to care.”
That said, she opened the chamber and pushed him inside.
“Fare well, Young Warrior,” she said as she urged him inside. “May your heart find what it seeks.”
“Peace, Clo the fair. Nothing more than peace.”
That said, he entered the dark chamber and uttered one word as the tingles became an itch and burning pain was not far off.
Then his world went black.