Good Morning all! And as this is the first Monday in a new month… Feel free to ask me anything! *g* Baring the SSI number, I will endeavor to answer all your questions, no matter how embarrassing. So… Go Ahead… Ask me Anything!




4 thoughts on “ASK ME ANYTHING

  1. flashycat1 says:

    It would be that! LOL I am nearly done writing. It’s longer than the previous books because of the mystery and the reveal, so I am thinking in another 2 months. Then it is up to Red Rose to hand me my editor and my release date.

  2. Sheila Sims says:

    My first question ever for ya…:)

    How about an update for release of the third of the Testrios set? Been waiting for that one, almost as long as Dragon Clutch.

    • flashycat1 says:

      Testrios is up to my publisher. If we can work something out, I will have that one out post haste. *g8 Ember has grown into one of my favorites. *g*

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