A New Release! A New Release!!!

Guess what today is? No, not time to strip off your clothing and run naked through the streets covered in syrup and whipped cream…. but if you do, take photos! Today is Book Drop Day! WOOT! And in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I bring you a special treat. Time to visit the Holidays agan and play with Cupid and discover why he… well, frankly he’s gone weird!





Points to Ponder….

I gotta tell ya, I am shaky. I have no idea what I am coming down with, but my eyes burn, my head aches, I am dizzy, and I don’t want to leave this here bed. And it not a hang over, mores the pity. Sniffle. So I am going to torture people until I fall asleep again… and then I’ll wake up and do more. No lolly pops today, I can’t take the sugar. Instead I will reflect on what this day means, on the achievements we have made as a people, not just black people, and how I personally can help improve things. Someone once asked me why I don’t focus on racial conflict in my books. I have, and it was between a black woman and a latino man… but still it was more about the story. My response is that I can find racial tension everywhere and anywhere. Just turn on the news. But people don’t need to be beaten over the head with it. I am in it to tell a realistic story with the tools that I have developed, observed, and personally experienced. And in most people’s lives, the race of the person next to them in a non issue. I write about hopes and fears, and dreams and the amazing words ‘what if’. Sometimes the what if has racial issues and sometimes it doesn’t. But I am about telling a story that my readers will love, who’s characters will make you suspend disbelief, and places where there…eventually, will be a happy ending. But instead of focusing in on negativity, we see it daily, I am about enforcing the positive. Yes my husband is white… I forget usually until someone points it out. Yes, I love humor… I swear I don’t set out to write like that, it just happens, yes I am very proud to be black… no matter that my best friend calls me taupe, but what transcends that is that I am a human being doing my best to make this world a little better for the next person. Like Dr. King, I have a dream. My dreams will probably never all come true in my lifetime, but when I look around at my varied family and friends, when I look at the people, blood or not that I consider my family, when I can see so many people with varied opinions, political or not, with different dispositions and attitudes… all gathered just being happy to e alive and connected in some way, shape, form or fashion,  want to cry tears of joy and wonder why the whole world won’t follow our example. This is my world, and I am damn proud of everyone who consents to be a part of it. So on this day, I am grateful for all of you, for you are my joy, my treasures, and my hope for the future.

Tag O Rama!

I recently got tagged for times for the 7,7,7 … explanations below. And after you read up on what I have been working on, check out the snippits that others posted! it was great fun and we all got a sneak peak into upcoming works.



I have been tagged by Dana Marie Bell…. LOL

Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, name 7 more authors to come out and play.

Page 7 line 7 of…of Cupid Gone Wild… *g*

“I’m going to fuck you hard,” he informed her and watched as she licked her lips slowly.
He reached for her, jerking her slight weight up and slammed her onto the table. Her mouth dropped open at the maneuver, but she spread her legs widely, pressing her feet flat to the table and waggled her hips, inviting him in.
Her pussy was slick and wet, red and swollen with her arousal.

And now to pass the buck again… *g*…

Jade LeeYvette HinesKoko BrownMissy MartineWilla OkatiAnne Kane,Silvia Violet LOL


But that is not all….


I was tagged by my friend and editor Sascha Illyvichto go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, name 7 more authors to come out and play.

Page 7 line 7 of The Familiar.. BDSM WOOT!

The feel of those linen-covered arm against my bare flesh comforted me like had ever done in the past.
When I was in his arms, I felt perfect, cherished… beautiful. The scars that decorated my body, a sign of a confusing and painful past meant nothing. I was safe in my master’s arms. I was strong yet protected. I was where the uncaring would could not touch me.
Together we turned to face the door and the oncoming storm that would change us both in ways I dare not try to put into words.

And now to share the joy… I tag Robert C Roman JrTreva HarteShelby MorgenDakota CassidyKate Douglas,Trinity BlacioTianna Xander WOOT!

Done? Nope, still getting tagged….


So I was tagged by my friend Renee George to go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, name 7 more authors to come out and play.

Page 7, line 7 of    Dragon’s Clutch

“Are you too hot? Too cold? Do you need water or fruit—yes, I can get you some fruit—“
It was cute how attentive they were being. Her every wish was granted almost before the need passed her lips. It was endearing.
She smiled up at her red haired mate—and barely resisted the urge to smack him back to his ancestors. But why should she resist?
The back of her hand connected with his chest with a satisfying thwap.
“Star?” His hurt and confused look only pissed her off more.

Now to pass this on…. JeanieandJayha AuthorsAuthor Sharita LiraCynthia SaxWendi ZwadukCheryl Dragon,Sam CheeverAshlyn Chase…. I choose You! LOL

one more to go…
I got hot twice… so I will do this twice!

So I was tagged by my buddy Eve Vaughn to go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status. After that, name 7 more authors to come out and play.

Page 7 line 7 of Snake

She was crawling between his legs.
One moment Ethan was dead sleep and the next she was there.
He always had a dream woman and if he was one to put stock in blind faith, he would say that she was his angel or his soul mate. But in reality, he felt that she was the composite of all the women he had ever found delectable, the perfect amalgamation of all the wonderful qualities he had been searching for.
Her body was ripe and lush, her breasts full with their dusky colored nipples. Her hair was

So now it’s my turn to tag 7 more authors and I choose…D Renee BagbyAshlynn MonroePj SchnyderDana Marie BellJean Marie WardKT Pinto