Flash Fiction Fridays…

Time for Changeling Press Flash Fiction Fridays… Every Week the Changelings over at Changeling Press puts out themed offerings of 100-150 words our own sick depraved enjoyment and share them with the world. This week’s theme… the Apocalypse didn’t happen– so now what?
I threw my lot on this week! Check it out!

One for the Road

Maddie looked at — a condom covered nightstick?
She—Was that carousel horse with a dildo attached?
At her left a soft body pressed up against her.
The space between her legs and butt cheeks… throbbed.
“Stop moving,” a hand clutched her breast. “Sleeping.”
She tried to sit up and couldn’t because there was a naked man with — unicorn horn trapped her legs.
“She awake?” Another man, green eyes and leopard spots purred from her other side.
“Pipe down,” the midget grumbled, his face buried in her pussy.
“Oh,”—they all were lying on a fucking talking bear thing– in bondage gear. “I guess the world end,” he yawned exposing knife sharp. “Awkward.”
“Yeah,” the unicorn shook back silver white hair. “what now?”
She looked to the left at the beautiful bald woman tweaking her nipples. Her body was covered in silvery purple scales. “I say one more go, then exchange cell numbers.”
“Nice,” the bear… thing and everyone agreed.
“What —did I fuck?” Maddie rasped, after blowjob soreness in her throat–
“What didn’t you fuck,” the unicorn asked. “You demanded fisting.”
Maddie wanted to disappear but… the world was still there–“One more for the road—sounds good.”


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