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Son had his Junior Prom—my baby was smooth, White Pinstriped tux, black hat, black shoes with white spats… the boy was beautiful! And we went stag. That seems to be a huge thing now a-days.

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Now… in writing… Gray was released! WOOT! Finally the God of Death and Chickens gets some love!

I am not going to Balticon. They screwed me over for the last time. So I am so sad not to see my friends, but I refuse to let myself be stepped on. I am an author, for goodness sake! I need panels in writing. I am not an odd chocolate female face to toss out to justify that the Sci-Fi world is changing. Respect what I bring to the table, and I understand that what I bring is relevant and timely. So I will go where people actually respect me and I am not treated as an afterthought. My Philcon budget just got bigger!

Doing panels at Dragon*Con! WOOT! This is going to be great! I can’t wait to hook up with my friends and have some fun. I’m brining the flasks of doom! Party time! LOL

Shelby the Wonder Sheep has arrived! It really is the book the publisher, Changeling Press, didn’t want you to read! LOL She has a Book Trailer and everything…

Shelby The Wonder Sheep

Shelby is live, and along with Heard Boy, is out to stop the evil villain Billy the Goat and his minions from dispensing his own brand of justice! Check Out Shelby here….

buy it now!!!

And I am getting ready for Lori Foster’s Reader Writer Get Together!

It’s a mere week away and I have been feverishly getting ready for it. I have proposals for new publishing houses, fun give-aways, panel discussions, and some pretty neat swag to hand out! It’s going to be EPIC! And I am riding up with a crazy cast of characters including…

Joy Harris from Joyfully Reviewed- green eyed and devious, Joys title should be Queen of Wickedly Reviewed!

Author PJ Schnyder– sci-fi and fiction romance writer extraordinaire- My Fluffy Puppy Bunny

Author Dana Marie Bell– romance writer and possessor of The Scooter of Destiny! I am going to get her rolling briefcase from her… it’s awesome

Author Camille Anthony– Yeah, Sandy is in the house! We are doing a panel on, God help me- e readers. I guess I have to learn how to operate that I pad real quick!

LOL So there you have it! I have been working my fingers to the bone trying to finish tentacle monsters—don’t ask, the next in the How Not To series, stuff to make my editor Irene Williams scream, and stuff to get me a few more publishing houses under my belt!

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Excerpt 2… Ever wonder what happened to Envy and Entropy’s father, Wrath? LOL Rated H for hilarity! LOL

Excerpt 2… Ever wonder what happened to Envy and Entropy’s father, Wrath? LOL Rated H for hilarity! LOL

“I just –” Entropy stammered, looking at his mother with a desperate sort of longing; the same longing every child has when hoping Mommy has all the answers and will make it right… or at least come up with a soothing lie while she puzzled out the problem. “Just –”
In that second, Jealousy came to a decision. “It will be okay,” she reassured him. “Mommy knows what to do, even if he tries to kill me.”
“You don’t mean –” Envy stared at his mother in shock.
“Yes.” Her shoulders slumped. “It’s time to call your father.”
“But –” Entropy protested. “But you said he had to leave us, that there was no way he could stay!”
“There wasn’t.” Jealousy’s eyes shifted from side to side. “If he stayed, I would have killed the bastar — um, he had to go.”
“But go where?” Entropy wanted to know. This impotence thing sounded like a father type of problem. After all, his mother didn’t have a dick… at least he hoped not.
“He had to go away from me before I did him bodily harm!” Her eyes glowed bright green, then red, before she took a deep breath and calmed down.
“But we could never reach him, no matter how hard we tried.” Envy stood and walked across the room to confront his mother. “Where is he?”
“Someplace close.” Jealousy sighed, not knowing how her boys were going to take this news.
“How close?”
“Well, you know your father is basically immortal.”
“Like the rest of us,” Entropy added.
“But your father is a very strong Fae.” Jealousy stood and moved away from her sons. “All the anger and hate in the world just keeps him energized.”
“Yes…” Vee nodded in understanding, knowing about their seats of power.
“Well, he did something that gave me the strength to kick his red ass from here to the other side of human Armageddon.”
“Mom!” Entropy lurched up, staring at his mother in shock. “Did you manage to mostly kill Father?”
“If only.” Jealousy dropped into the couch and covered her face with one hand.
“Well?” Vee urged.
“Well, it’s like this. Your father and I were never truly mated, my darlings. We had a good thing going, and it never made any sense to rock the boat. I thought we were committed to each other but…”
“Mom?” Entropy asked when his mother fell silent.
“Well, I had just come home after a harrowing battle over some woman in some port town.” She paused and mused out loud. “Kind of reminded me of Peace. But I came home stinking of blood and sea salt, and I caught the bastard copulating in our bed… without me!”
“He cheated on you?” Both sons screamed, incredulous looks on their faces.
Even if Jealousy was their mom, she was still hot in a scary dominatrix sort of way. You would have to be a fool to cheat on her. The fear factor was just too high.
“In my new bed too!” She rose to her feet and glared at both of her sons. “Which is why I always preach sexual honesty to my children. Got it?” She fingered the whip at her side.
Her boys shrank back in fear, and Jealousy nodded once. Message given and received and understood.
“But — but…” Entropy went on. “But what happened to Father?”
“Well, I kind of buried him alive.”
“You buried Father?” Envy yelped, then jumped back as his mother’s glowing red eyes turned in his direction.
“You bet your sweet green ass I did!” she snapped. “And I buried that trollop that was screwing with him. Along with the bed, the bedroom, the bed clothes, the couches they sat on, the fireplace, the bottle of wine… the castle…”
“We have a castle?” Both brothers yelped in surprise this time.
“You’re probably too young to remember, but yeah. We have a castle… had a castle, at any rate.”
“And you knocked it down on top of Father and his lover?” Entropy asked.
“No, baby.” Jealousy took a deep, cleansing breath. “Were you not listening? I buried it.”
“The room… ?”
“The castle.”
“You buried a whole castle?” Envy took a step back from his mother, just to be out of immediate striking range if his question upset her.
“Well, I admit it may have been a bit excessive, but I was mad and exhausted at the time.”
“In anger and exhaustion, you buried our castle?”
“Well… I built this neat house on top of it.”
Envy and Entropy stared at each other in shock, before looking at the carpeted ground and then back up at their mother.
“What?” She wrinkled her nose. “It’s not like I murdered the red bastard.” She stomped twice to emphasize the last two words, and the whole building shook. “And Love came along, offering some kind words and… well, you know what happened then. I wound up with another lying bastard. Vibrators are much more reliable, boys.” She offered this sage advice solemnly.
“But…” Entropy protested, “but you said this sounded familiar.”
“Like a contract coming due.” Jealousy nodded to the thoroughly shaken Entropy. “And while I was away, it was your father’s department to handle contracts for you guys as his paternal right.”
“But I thought we had a copy of all familial contracts,” Envy said.
“We do,” Jealousy was quick to assure him. “In your father’s library in the castle.”
Both men groaned.
“Well, if you want to ask the red bastard, you can always dig him up. Not like he’s going to die down there.” She stomped on the floor again, shaking the mansion and undoubtedly letting their father know she knew exactly where he was, and she remembered the anger that drove her to put him there in the first place.
“Mommy?” Entropy wailed. “I need to know!”
“Fine,” Jealousy snapped. “Just keep in mind that this proves I would do anything for my children.”
“Who was he with, anyway?” Vee asked. “I mean… was it someone we know?”
“He was with Patience, that bitch,” Jealousy snarled. “And I hope to hell Patience got on his last damn nerve. Your father was never big on staying in one place for too long.” Then she looked over at her sons and smiled. “You two are the very best thing he ever gave me. It’s for that reason and that reason alone that I buried his tart with him. It probably kept him from going mad and gave him all the time he needed to get the fucking out of his system. God knows some days he needed the practice.”
“Mom!” Entropy wailed, covering his ears with his trembling hands. “That is something I just don’t need to know!”
“Who thought you would be a prude?” she groused, and then nodded once. “Okay, you red bastard.” She looked at the floor again, determination on her face. “Our son needs you. Time to let Wrath come out to play.”

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* Okay, from Gray, Remember Jealousy? Whoever is messing with her baby boy better watch out! LOL ,”


Entropy called out, shaking the dust of inter-dimensional travel from his black leather duster. “Ma! Where are you?” Instead of his mother’s dark, intense voice, he heard the deep, lazy tones of his brother. “Hello, little bro,” Envy called out, walking towards the front of the house. “Odd to see you here,” he added, tossing his long dark green hair to the side. “Is something wrong?” “No.” Entropy shuddered again as that stalking feeling swept over him. “I just needed some information.” “Well –” Envy tilted his head to the side, watching his brother’s eyes flash from black to green. “Maybe I can help you out. What do you need to know?” “Do we –? Can we talk about this somewhere else besides the front door?” Entropy looked over his shoulder and ran his hands up and down his arms. “What’s wrong?” Envy demanded, suddenly the concerned big brother. He gripped Entropy by the arm, pulling him deeper into the house. “You’re not acting normal, even for you.” Envy’s green eyes flashed red as he looked around the entrance to the house, wondering just who would be foolish enough to threaten his brother at the home of Jealousy. “No, it’s nothing like that.” Entropy looked lost and confused. “It’s just — I have this weird feeling, Envy.” Relieved that his scanning turned up nothing, Envy pulled his brother into the small den they used for family time. Their mother was big on family time and wanted all her boys to feel secure in the love she felt for them. “Talk to me, little bro.” Envy crossed his arms over his bare chest, quirking one eyebrow as he took a seat next to En. “Well, lately, there have been these… odd feelings, Vee. I don’t know how to explain them. My body is going through some changes, and it’s starting to do things it has never done before.” “You know…” Envy smiled, relaxing a little. “I thought we had the puberty talk about three hundred years ago.” That snapped Entropy out of his blue funk long enough to scowl at his brother. “Will you pay attention, dipshit? I am trying to tell you something here!” “Sounds like you need to get laid.” Envy’s face wrinkled in amusement as he ran his fingers over his shadow of a beard and the tiny soul patch beneath his full bottom lip. “You need to fill that arena you call a bedroom up with nubile young sprites and let nature take her course.” “I can’t,” Entropy mumbled. “Then you take them all to a hot spring and –” “I can’t,” he tried a little louder, but Vee apparently didn’t hear him… okay, chose not to hear him. “I have this wonderful lube I’ll let you have. Smells like cherry, tastes like chocolate and it tingles. You apply a little magic and –” “I said, I can’t!” Entropy shouted, stopping his older brother dead. “You can’t? What? Use the hot springs? Fill the stadium? Find several really good uses for the edible tingly lube?” “Fuck,” Entropy groused. “Excuse me?” “I can’t fuck!” “Whyever not?” Vee asked, suddenly all older brother concern and outrage. “Did someone give you something? Did they put a sexual hex on you? Who did it?” Suddenly he was on his feet, all towering seven feet of bare-chested, angry Fae. “I’ll make them regret the day their parents even thought of conception –” “No one did it.” Entropy ran his hands through his already ruffled hair, giving him an even more wild, desperate, kind of creepy, pervy look. “It just… happened.” “Nothing ever just happens,” Vee growled, rising to his feet and beginning to pace. “Especially things like this don’t just happen. Have you checked for any magical signature?” “Yes.” Entropy slumped in his seat. “And you found nothing?” “No.” “Did you look around your house for voodoo dolls and fetishes? And not the good kind of fetishes, the evil kind that make your dick limp and your pubic hair grow out of your nostrils.” “Yes.” “And there were none? Not even a hint of crushed mummy powder or eye of newt?” “Not a drop.” “Have you spoken to Mother?” “That’s why I am here.” “Damn.” Vee spoke in tones of shock and awe… and pity — lots of pity. “It just ain’t right, little brother, for a man’s dangly bits to just… dangle. Does Mom know what’s going on?” “I sent her a message,” Entropy sighed. “I kind of marked it urgent too. I figure if anyone can figure out what is going on, Mom can.” Vee nodded. If there was anything they all were sure of, it was that their mother would move Heaven and Earth for them. They each thought of their mother, the woman who had raised them herself, without much help from their vagabond father. She planted flowers, gave donations to several human as well as Fae charities, and knitted baby blankets for the homeless when she had free time from her job and volunteer work. She was even being nice to Love and Peace now… not starting any major conflicts that needed their help so the warring family could take time out and work on their trust issues. She was a veritable saint among the Fae. But then the door slammed open and the sounds of rushing feet rose from the front of the house. “Entropy!” they heard their mother call out. “Entropy, baby, where are you?” She sounded worried and more than a little fearful. “Mom.” Entropy rose to his feet and turned to face the door… Only to have it explode into a thousand little red hot, flesh searing splinters. Entropy leapt into Envy’s arms as an ear-splitting shriek and a sonic boom heralded the painful destruction of the door. “Who the fuck is hurting my baby?” As the dust cleared and their coughing began to taper off, they caught a silvery gleam in shadowy light. There was an odd hissing, then the unmistakable sound of the crack of a whip. The air was suddenly perfumed with the scent of flowers, cinnamon, and vengeance, underlain by a unique and expensive perfume called Green Witch, a scent made for only one woman. Next came the screaming of a thousand tortured souls, the horrific shouts of the damned forced into servitude by the harsh taskmaster who made them pay for their slightest wrongs. The air suddenly felt thick, the pressure building enough to explode eardrums. The tension mounted as they both got a good look at… Avenging Mother Jealousy, complete with thigh-high vinyl master-me stiletto boots, a tight, lace-up leather cat suit in emerald green, several Floggers of Justice, the cuffs of Didn’t, several Hand Grenades of Maternal Instinct, the Belt of a Thousand Ass Whippings, and a pair of Mother’s Helpers Chain Mail Whips (all trademarked) that sang in the air like a well rehearsed boys’ choir before the emperor. “Who did it?” she roared, her green eyes glowing red as she surveyed her two shocked sons. “Who dared harm my babies?” She completely ignored the strange sight of Entropy clinging like a startled monkey to his brother as her gaze scanned every inch of the room, looking for any miscreant who dared to lay a finger on her boys. “Mommy’s home, boys,” she snarled, finally acknowledging the horrified yet happy looks that graced her babies’ faces. “And Mommy will take care of everything!”