Okay! It’s time for Your Hump Day Hump! And unedited NC-17 M/F snippit from the up and coming Changeling release How Not to Date a Bear. WOOT!

Gillian didn’t remember much of the trip to her place. She knew it involved him carrying her out to a car and then her giving a driver her address that he prodded her for.
And she remembered sitting in his lap throughout the trip there, loath to let go of the living teddy bear that she had found. With her face buried in his neck, licking and nibbling at his flesh, she had never been happier.
And what was better was the large bulge of his cock, heated and growing, pressed against her stomach.
He was going to be a lot to take in, but it would be so damn worth it.
“Gillian,” he interrupted her nuzzling by running his hands thought her hair, tugging at he back of it to send a painfully delicious thrill running through her.
“Mmm?” she questioned, lifting up heavy eyelids to stare at him.
“We are here.”
“Good,” she purred, tightening her hold on him.
“You want to let me go?”
On that she was firm. She was not letting go of her sweet treats until she had him where she wanted him.
So he slipped out of the car with her wrapped in his arms and his shirt in his hands. “We are in the middle of nowhere,” he pointed out. “You still want to do this? I could be dangerous.”
“God yeah,” she purred, his concern tipping something in her. Suddenly he was more appealing than before.
But—but he was right. This man was a stranger. So she closed her eyes and did what generations of Leekey woman had done when making life-altering decision. She closed her mind and allowed her instincts to take control. She concentrated on Declan, this thick muscular body, the perfect hair, the expressive eyes and impressive bulge…
When she opened her eyes, she found that her mouth was latched onto his left nipple, her hands digging into the caps of his shoulders, her hips riding the bulge that kept growing.
Decision made. She pulled off of the swollen peak of his nipple and looked up at him with a smile she knew was goofy, but she really didn’t care. He tasted like honey and vanilla and sunshine.
His own eyes were glazed, the pupils blown wide with arousal and he was rocking that bulge against all the right parts.
“I’m glad you want me to stay,” he breathed then turned to the driver.
He bent and said something to the driver in what she assumed was Russian and giggled as he jostled her to check his pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and waved it at the unknown driver with a grin before saying in English, “Tell Theo that I am fine and that I can be contacted in the event of an emergency.”
The driver answered again in Russian before Declan slammed the door shut and then those mysterious green eyes were staring into hers.
“Shall we do this?” he asked, his voice dropping into that growl that make her body shiver.
“Lets,” she whispered reaching into her bag for her key.
The trip into the house was a blur because he buried her face in his neck and was busily attempting to put as many hickies there as she could, marking her property, she thought with an evil smirk.
Her safety phone was plucked out of the back of her skirt and placed with careful hands on the bedside table by Declan who made sure it was easily accessible.
His phone was placed beside it and then she was tossed onto the bed.
“May I?” he asked, his hands reaching for hr blouse, his fingers caressing the soft skin of her stomach where the shirt had ridden up.
“Oh yeah,” Gillian breathed, lifting her arms up and arching prettily beneath his gaze. The faster they were naked, the faster she could get his hands all over her body and return the favor.
“You are so beautiful,” he breathed, his fingers trailing up her sides, pushing up her favorite silk blouse up until it trapped her arms above her head. “So much pretty brown skin to touch.”
“Let my hands—“
“No,” he interrupted her. “I want to explore you.”
His fingers traced the edge of her bra, his fingertips skimming the sensitive flesh before he lowered his head and began to lick at her skin.
Gooseflesh broke out over her chest as his five o’clock shadow braded her skin of her breasts.
“Let me,” she breathed, her eyes tearing as she ground her hips up against his. He was so hot, so hard; she could feel him separated from her by the sopping wet material of her panties and his pants.
She looked down in and sucked in a sharp breath as she saw those green eyes glittering up at her, glittering as his rough pink tongue lapped at her flesh.
“You taste hot,” he breathed, his warm breath causing shivers as it wafted over her damp flesh. Her hips thrust themselves up and a moan pulled from her throat. “I like your flavor. I would have more…”
He trailed off as, his eyes still holding hers, he placed his hot mouth right over a hardening nipple and sucked at it right through her bra.
She bit her lip and hissed at the intense feeling of heat and wet silk caressing her flesh. She struggled, only to have him hold her fast to the bed with one huge hand on her stomach.
She opened her mouth to complain, but that hand began to caress the soft skin there, tearing a moan form her mouth as the intense heat of his touch went straight to the core of her.
“Be still,” he breathed even as he rose up on his knees above her. His eyes glittered a deep green as he loomed, as he ran his hands over his chest, plucking at his own nipples.
“I want to touch,” Gillian breathed, licking at her bottom lip as her whole body shook in hunger. She wanted him. She needed him to fill her, to drive out the emptiness and loneliness that seemed to be a part of her.
No matter how wonderful the relationship she was in, it always seemed lacking somehow.
And in the few moments she had now with him, these few moments left her fulfilled in a way that she had never been before. It made her needy and anxious for more. It was a scary thing, feeling this vulnerable before someone, a virtual stranger, but there was something so arousing in that vulnerability. She felt powerful as she stared up at him, longing in her eyes true, but a demand there as well.
He would take her, he would pleasure her, he would fulfill her because she demanded it.
As if he could read her thoughts, his head dropped a little and his hands went to his pants.
Gillian watched, breath hitching as he undid the button and the zipper holding those stylish pants in place. He looked up at her form between lowered lashes, a sly grin spreading across his face, before he pushed his pants down to his knees.
“Where—oh my—damn!” Gillian gasped as he sprang free. Obviously he didn’t believe in underwear, she decided as she watched the broad red head of his cock pull free from its protective cowl. He was uncircumcised. It was different, but not anything that she had never seen before. He was also a thick pillar of blood-flushed ivory springy from a neat thatch of course looking pubic hair.
That would feel so good pressing against her clit, she thought, but then she took in the sheer length and girth of the man.
She instinctively spread her legs wider as if to make room for him as he slithered off the bed to toss his clothing aside.
His thick thighs were kissed with the same dark hair that covered his chest in teasing swirls and whirls.
She was panting as he crawled back onto the bed, his hands reaching under her skirt to ease her wet panties down and off her legs.
“You smell—“ he began, lifting her panties to his face and taking a hard sniff before tossing them over her shoulder, “– edible.”
Gillian gasped, sliding her knees up as his hands ran over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. His huge hands caressed her, massaged her, relaxing her even as he eased her legs apart wider.
Then there was the brush of his five o’clock shadow against the crease where thigh met groin and his long tongue was lapping at her there.
“God,” Gillian breathed out, closing her eyes, her head going back into her pillows. She could feel her wetness leaking from her body hot and thick ad knew that he could see her, smell her, and if he moved any closer, taste how much she desired him.
He moaned in agreement, before he eased her skirt back to her waist and pulled back a little to look at her.
“You shaved everything off,” She could feel the warm puffs of breath against her and her thighs clamped around his head. It was a reaction she could not help, a plea for him to caress her with more than his words. “I like this.”
“Then show me,” she gasped, not at all amazed by her boldness. She was also demanding in bed and he was just about to find out how much.


It’s time for your Hump Day Hump! This is from my upcoming M/M/M release Chemicals Between Us by Changeling Press!


“Operation Fuck a Wolf in full effect!” Iluq declared.
“What?” Iluq grinned, delighting at the shocked creature that was his twin. This was the most emotion Atka had shown in a long time, and Iluq was more than pleased.
“His name is Zadine,” Atka insisted, but Iluq waved his words away with a shrug.
“Zadine, hot wolf, whatever.” Iluq tugged on his brother’s hand and pulled him faster.
Ghost-like, they floated on top of the snow. Using a bit of fox magic so they would not sink in, they moved surely and steadily towards Zadine’s den.
For the purpose of midnight seduction, both Atka and Iluq had donned matching leather tunics rife with stitch work in blue and turquoise at the neck and sleeves. Beautiful beadwork created patterns at the chest and collar of each tunic. The rich, white leather was a specialty of their skulk and was soft as the down on a newly born pup. Beneath this, they both wore the traditional double layered black leggings. On their feet were huge, furry, thigh-high white kamiks. The thick, watertight boots were a staple of Inuit culture and especially beloved by the fox brothers, as they emulated their furry fox feet when in true form.
Thus clothed in their handmade finery instead of magic, they crested the snow bank that marked the beginning of the wolf’s — of Zadine’s — property.
“Maybe we should have sent a message,” Atka began. “It’s kind of rude to just show up.”
“We are paying a visit to say sorry and welcome to Last Chance, enjoy your stay,” Iluq explained again. “It is not in poor taste to do this.”
“But it may be in poor taste to seduce him.”
“We are making his year,” Iluq explained yet again. “Everybody has a fantasy about hot twins.” He tossed his black hair over his shoulder. “Everybody knows this.”
“I don’t have a fantasy about twins,” Atka grumbled.
“That’s because you are one.” Iluq stopped and stared at his silver-haired brother. “Have you changed your mind?”
“No.” Atka seemed to stiffen his shoulders and gather his resolve. “I have not changed my mind.”
“Good.” Iluq nodded, sniffling at the delicious smell that seemed to surround the fox’s den. “Because I think this will be fun.”
His words were distracted, he knew, but now that he had resolved to sleep with the wolf, the scent was doing things to his insides.
When he had confronted the wolf before, half his aggression was because the up-close scent of the male turned him on. Only true fear for his brother’s safety kept him for gaining a truly rock-breaking erection. And when his brother’s safety had been determined and the good nature of the wolf acknowledged, he had to hightail it out of the area or he would have embarrassed himself by humping the wolf’s leg.
Never before had a scent hit him so powerfully.
He would have gone back and tried his own seduction of the wolf, but he had scented his brother’s attraction to the red-haired male. He was not so selfish as to begrudge his brother his first infatuation in years, but not altruistic enough to let go of all claim.
The wolf was big. There would be enough to go around.
“I — I can’t help but be a little nervous,” Atka admitted, sniffing the air around them. Even though he hid it, the scent of the wolf was getting to him, as well. “This is an unknown for me.”
“Relax,” Iluq chided. “It’s only sex. Remember that.”
Before they could converse further, a throat cleared, and both foxes turned to see the wolf in question standing before them.
“Oh, hello,” Iluq spoke, moving to stand before the wolf, dragging his brother along. “We’re back.”
“I can see that.” Zadine spoke softly, his accented voice sending tremors through Iluq’s body. He looked over at his brother and saw that Atka was entranced by Zadine’s appearance.
“We came to make amends,” Iluq explained as Atka stared at the wolf in open-mouthed amazement. “I felt bad about the snowball and attacking you, so my brother and I came over to deliver you a meal.” He gestured to the pack on his brother’s back. “May we come inside?”
“By all means, yes.” Zadine smiled, stepping back and waving his hand in the air. A ball of light that Iluq would have named foxfire had Zadine not been a wolf, lit up the path. “I was just considering a meal when I heard you both from below.”
“You heard us?” Atka asked, a flush lighting his cheeks.
“What big ears I have, remember?” The wolf chuckled and Atka flushed darker.
Then Zadine did something unexpected. He stepped over to Atka and reached one long-fingered hand out to touch his hair. “It’s silver,” he whispered. Then he looked to Iluq, his head tilted to the side in question.
“It’s an emotional thing,” Iluq explained, as it seemed his brother was struck mute. Not that Iluq could blame him. The wolf was beautiful.
Standing there in a pair of low-slung tight black jeans and a long sleeved, white T-shirt, his muscular form was plain to see. Zadine’s hair was a mass of large, loose curls that tumbled to his shoulders. As the wolf turned his head to look back at Atka, Iluq could see that the stripe of black that signaled his mane had carried on in his human form.
His face was just as beautiful; strong, cleft chin, wide cheekbones, large, black eyes. Zadine was exotic perfection large enough for Iluq to share with his brother.
“An emotional thing?” Zadine asked. “If it’s not too personal.”
“If you take us where it is warm –” Atka finally broke out of his stupor enough to speak. “– I just might share the tale.”
Nodding, Zadine took one last look at the two of them and then gestured for them to follow him into his den. Iluq watched for a moment as Zadine walked away, and as his well-rounded cheeks shifted beneath the material of his jeans, he had to hold back a groan.
He looked over at his brother and noted that Atka was doing the exact same thing. In fact, his brother looked over at him and grinned.
Yeah, they were both on the same page now.
The wolf wouldn’t know what had hit him.

It’s the Hump Day Hump… a funny PG moment from my upcoming M/M/M release, Foxy, Chemicals Between Us.. from Changeling press! *g* Meet the Maned Wolf and his Foxes!

“What is that intriguing scent?” He spoke softly to himself as he reached for his jacket and moved toward the den opening. He poked his head out and took a cautious look around.
There was nothing there… but there was a scent. It was powerful and lingering. It smelled like cold fire and ice, things that normally wouldn’t interest him at all. But it was drawing him in. He sniffed harder, his long, red hair falling around his face as he scrambled out of his home and made his way through the cleared land in front of his den.
Cautiously, he stepped toward the snow, pulling his jacket on and trying to hold back the shivers that threatened to shake his whole body. The scent seemed to elude him, tousling his curls and exposing the broad, black stripe that ran from the crown of his head back toward his neck.
He looked left and right and, as far as his eyes could see, there was nothing but melting, crunchy snow. But something had to be there! He could feel it. His cock had begun to harden the moment he caught a good whiff of that scent, and now his heart was beginning to pick up in tempo.
His — his mate? It had to be his mate!
His whole countenance brightened. He had come so far only to find her this soon! This was beyond amazing! This was a blessing of untold proportions! He eagerly turned toward the place where the scent was the strongest. He threw his head back and opened his mouth to let out a triumphant yell when it struck him.
A compact ball of frozen snow impacted with his face, immediately sending him into a coughing fit that threatened to knock his lungs loose.
“W-wh-cough-wha –?” His eyes watered as he scrambled backward to find purchase, only to step into the snow. If it wasn’t for the thick layer of snow, he was quite sure his ass wouldn’t have bounced so hard when it hit the ground.
Well, that effectively ended his coughing problem. He couldn’t cough when there was no air in his lungs. Wheezing, he curled into a fetal ball and wondered what he had done to deserve this.
It was out of sheer instinct that he shifted. The air around him shimmered with heat as he instinctively drew on the magic within him. There was a tug on his central core and then, where there once lay a man, now lay a red-gold creature, lifting its nose and sniffing in the wind.
And what his senses now told him made his heart leap with joy. His instincts were correct. His mate was here.
* * *
Atka and Iluq froze, watching the man writhe in the snow before a teasing scent of rich musk and exotic flowers filled the air. Then, where a rather striking, swarthy redhead once lay, there now was a creature of undetermined origins.
It looked kind of like a fox, but then it didn’t. It was confusing to say the least.
It shifted to its feet on long, black legs, the bright color of its body blending seamlessly with the long appendages. The large, triangle-shaped ears perked up, tilted toward the small shuffling sounds it heard. Its nose twitched as if its sense of smell was much more keen in his primary form. A long, red-gold mane with a distinctive black stripe ran down its back. The fluffy, white underfur flashed as it lifted its tail, alert and watching.
“Oh,” Iluq gasped, backing up as he stared at the poor thing before them. “It’s a deformed fox! Our neighbor is a deformed fox.”
“It is not,” Atka countered, looking worriedly at the strange creature sniffing in their direction.
He knew it was nigh impossible for them to be seen in their shifted forms, as they blended so well into the snow in the embankment where they hid. But somehow he knew the beast was staring right at them.
“It was probably rejected by its skulk.”
“What?” Atka tore his eyes away from the creature to stare at his twin. “What are you on about?”
“Look at it!” his brother demanded, never taking his eyes away from the creature, though his nose twitched in curiosity. It wasn’t fear or disgust in his voice — more like fascination. “Look! What fox has legs that long?”
“Well –”
“Or ears like that?”
“Maybe –”
“Or is that tall? I am telling you, that creature isn’t right! It’s not exactly gross or anything, but it’s not normal either. Do you think it’s catching? Maybe it’s like those human zombie movies! One bite and suddenly we’re all chasing after others for brains.”
“Brains?” Sometimes his brother was too much to take. “If it’s after brains, then you have nothing to worry about.”
“It’s not a bad-looking thing. Kind of cute now that I look at it more closely –” Iluq leaned forward, nose twitching in excitement as his tail waggled back and forth. “It smells kind of nice too — for a horribly mutated creature bent on sucking our souls and our brains out of our bodies. Maybe we can reason with it, offer it virgins or tourists or something to satisfy its hunger for human flesh.”
“Maybe it’s not a fox –”
“Inbreeding!” his bother retorted, his eyes shining. “Of course, it’s an inbred fox. It has to be. Only a fox has a nose like that, Atka. And that body — it may be overly large, but talk about perfect comportment. And that tail is so big and fluffy –” He stopped, blinked twice, and then shook himself as if knocking away some really bad thoughts. “Anyway, there have always been rumors that if you mate with your own sister and your kit becomes your own nephew, making you your own uncle, you grow three eyes, two heads, and six legs. Stuff like that.”
“He doesn’t — three eyes and six legs?”
“Just four overly long, skinny black ones. And those big ears — makes him look like a bat. Still, something just ain’t right, Atka. And I’m telling you, he’s not natural.” Iluq paused a moment, his nose still twitching with his revelations. “He could be dangerous, or… Let’s get closer.”
“What?” If Atka had been in human form, his eyebrows would have been in his hairline. “We can’t –”
“We have to! The fate of the whole skulk is in our hands. The whole fate of Last Chance is in our paws. What if there are more of them? We must discover its origins and its secrets and — and –”
“And what?”
“I don’t know!”
He had never seen Iluq quite so frazzled. But before his brother could say another word, the creature’s whole body jerked as if struck. Its gaze shot in their direction and focused in on them.
“I-Iluq –” Atka stammered.
“Run, Atka!” His bother suddenly gasped, taking a step back. “The unnatural beast sees us! Run for your life! Run for your brains!”
Then Iluq was gone, leaving behind only his brother and the puffs of snow he kicked up as he raced away. Atka blinked and turned to get another look at their neighbor creature, then froze. “Oh, dear.”
There was a pair of amber eyes inches from his muzzle. And they didn’t look amused.
This was seriously not turning out to be a great day.