NC 17 M/F Alien exploration in How Not to Date an Alien!



If push comes to shove, you would do well to give the alien exactly what he desires. It may open up an opportunity to escape at a later time. Never feel guilty about giving in if it buys you some time.

His hair exploded from his braid, and like a living thing it began to rub and caress at her body. She stared in wide-eyed amazement as the alien loomed over her, his mouth spread in a wide grin. She slammed her eyes closed, not wanting to see her death coming, but instead he began to whisper to her.

“This will not hurt,” he assured her as he moved closer. She could feel his heat, feel his presence, and that only seemed to frighten her more. “None of that,” he whispered, and she squeezed her eyes shut as she felt a finger touch her cheek.

He could be checking the tenderness of her flesh, a cynical part of her screamed, but he did nothing more.

She very carefully opened her eyes to see his solid black ones staring into hers. He smiled a little, and she whimpered as she felt his hair began to move. The silken tendrils carried his heat and his scent as they began to slowly trace the muscles of her body from neck to toe.

“You feel divine.” He bent forward and sniffed at her, his antennas shooting straight up. His breath smelled of lemons, and she wondered if that would be the last thing she smelled before her life was snuffed out.

But he was correct; he was not harming her in any way. In fact, the caresses of his hair were quite pleasant. It almost hurt her to admit that to herself, but she was deriving more pleasure from the caresses of his hair than she had from her last full sexual encounter with her ex.

“There.” He was nearly purring. “Relax and let me see if what I studied about human anatomy is true.”

He slid back, taking away his delicious musky scent and some of his heat, but he didn’t move far. He only moved far enough away to spread her legs and settle his lanky frame between them.

“Nice,” he assured her. “I like the coloration of your skin. It is not as common as mine.”

And his fingers were running over the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, making goosebumps pop up on her skin, making her legs twitch.

“So different than the females and males of my acquaintance,” he informed her. “So much nicer. Your body speaks to me.”

And he went on, slowly rubbing circles on her skin, his fingers going higher and higher until they encountered the elastic barrier of her panties. “All this beauty, and still you insist on covering it up.”

He shook his head as his hair rolled up her thighs, making her gasp at the new sensation before the tendrils slid underneath the cotton of her panties. His hair tugged, and, as if cut by miniature blades, the material parted and fell around her body like a tiny decorative draping.

“You have hair here as well,” Valan pointed out, running his finger through her trimmed pubic patch. “It is not as soft as the hair on your head, and it seems to serve no further purpose than ornamentation. I understand the protective aspects of it in your primitive ancestors, but now it is not necessary. Yet you do not remove it. My hair is a secondary protective device, and I have complete control of its movements and its sensory absorption. My hair has evolved along with my species into a useful appendage for protection and defense. Yours does not even share this component.”

She could have said something funny about seventies porn bush, but decided to hold her peace until she discovered what he was going to do. It would not do to piss off the alien with the razor hair.

“Utterly fascinating,” he breathed, his eyes almost glowing as he leaned in closer, his fingers now parting her hair and examining her groin closely.

“Labia majora,” he muttered, and Kilana gasped as his hair wrapped around her thighs and lifted them into the air as far as her bindings would allow.

Looking down, he tsked at the impediment to his explorations and two tendrils slashed across the bindings, severing them from the footboard so that he could heft her legs higher and spread them further.

Kilana moaned at this show of violence, but other than closing her eyes, she did nothing.

“Your clitoris should be hidden here.” His words were soft, almost as soft as the finger that now spread apart her labia and exposed her clit and her vagina to his clear view. She bit her lip as the cool air caressed her there, right before the heat of his body signaled to her that he was moving closer.

“Fascinating,” he muttered, his warm breath against this sensitive flesh making her whole body shudder, and damn if it didn’t shudder in arousal. “Such wonderful colors — pinks, browns, creams… Your mate was a fool to give up such a wonderful place to play.”

Then his fingers were caressing her, gently running over her opening before he pulled back. She opened her eyes to see him rubbing the moisture of her growing arousal between his fingers, a fascinated look on his face.

“Self lubricating.” He grinned, looking up to see her eyes open. “You have a wonderful design,” he informed her. “Most of our organs are internal and are so plain compared to this!”

Like an eager child, he dove down again. This time his fingers separated her labia to fully expose her clitoris in its hidden cowl. He placed the tip of one finger there and looked up at her. “If what I have read in your books and viewed in your pornography is true, you will really enjoy this.”

And then his finger began to vibrate.

“Oh! Ohhh! Oh oh oh oh oh!” Kilana could not keep her mouth closed now! In fact, everything opened wide, her eyes, her mouth — even her thighs spread further as his finger vibrated. Her hips thrust upwards, seeking more even as her mind began to scramble. This fucking alien had vibrating fingertips? Sweet Enola Gay!

Her head dropped back and a loud, keening sound rolled from her throat as her whole body started to shake. The electricity running from her clit was almost too much. It itched, it burned, and it had her climbing up the wall to orgasm faster than her best vibrator.

She could feel her juices seeping from her exposed pussy, and she wanted him to spread her more, to press harder, to give it to her totally, to fill the emptiness that had taken up residence within her heart.

She was hungry and tense, and his fingers just stayed there, sending jolts through her whole system. Her spine was melting, her body sweating, and her teeth clenched as she keened her pleasure, and still it was not enough.

“I can smell you so much better now,” he leaned over to whisper, and she whimpered in response.

“Your nipples are hard,” he added. “I can see them through your shirt. I want to see them.”

Tendrils of his hair were flowing upwards again, sending her nerve endings screaming at their points of contact before they slid under the thin tank she wore, and that, too, became so much confetti beneath her.

“Yes,” he breathed, his eyes glowing darkly as he stared at her chest. “Such wonderful mounds of flesh.”

One hand left her thigh, cupped her breasts, first one and then the other, pressing at her nipples and making her back arch further. Her whimpers were growing into wails, and all of his touches were translating ecstasy directly to her swollen clit.

“They make you react?” He tilted his head to the side, then grinned harder. “I want to try something else…”

“Oh, dear GOD! Yes!”

He lowered his head, and Kilana screeched as he pulled one nipple into his mouth and turned on suction hard enough to pull the brass off of a doorknob.

“Hmm?” he moaned, closing his eyes and sucking harder, his slit tongue surrounding and tugging at her erect nipple before his tongue, too, began to vibrate.

“Gonna come! Gonna come!” Kilana chanted, her head whipping from side to side on the pillows, tears running down the sides of her face.

This was erotic bondage of the most perfect kind, and it was tearing her mind apart.

“Come, release, orgasm.” He nodded after pulling off of her breast with a pop, his finger lightly caressing her wet skin. He eyed the swollen red nipple and bent forward to almost lazily lap at it with his split tongue. “That is my purpose in this.”

Then he began to slide his finger up and down her clit, finding the spots that made her scream and contracting on them until she was bucking hard in his grasp.

“There are many places here,” he noted, “that make you gush your fluids. That is a clear invitation.”

He sat up, nibbling on his bottom lip before he pulled away the hand kneading her breast and repositioned it between her legs.

“I intend to make you fly,” he whispered, then pressed one finger deep inside the wet heat of her.

“Yes, yesyesyesyesyes!” she groaned, crying as her toes curled, as her hands gripped the silk binding them and pulled, as her body offered itself up as a sexual sacrifice to the greatness of his foreplay skills. “Yes!”

He pressed upwards, controlled and humming, his head leaning to the side as he carefully thrust first one finger, then two deep inside her, twisting and turning until…

“Valan!” she screeched, her hips thrusting upwards against the hold his hair held on her quivering limbs.

“Found it,” he noted, and then those fingers began to vibrate, as well. “This is your g-spot. It was designed to catapult you to orgasm.”

Kilana froze, her whole body going stiff as the orgasm that had been building within her exploded. The glory of how he was playing her body was so great it was almost pain, and she could not move, could not speak, could not think as it tore through her like a wild beast.

“Ohh! Your muscles clench,” he muttered as the vibrating of his fingers grew faster.

The orgasm would not end! Her inner walls were clenching like mad around his fingers, her clit felt like it was on fire, and the waves of release were flowing so rapidly she thought she would never be able to move again.

Her entire being was pleasure and ecstasy, and hot, kinky, orgasmic sex that appeared to have no end.

“Pl — ple — please,” she whimpered, her eyes closing as the world began to grow dark.

Then he was pulling out, the vibrating slowing as he began to pet her labia and the strained and swollen muscles between her thighs. Even her asshole was clenching, so hard was her orgasm… or was it orgasms? She couldn’t tell.

All she knew was that she was slamming herself down on his retreating fingers and making sounds like a hurt animal as his hair caressed her one last time before lowering her back to the bed.

“That was beautiful,” he breathed, leaning over her once more to examine her eyes, heavy-lidded and damn near closed. “You are beautiful. And I can’t wait to consume you.”

Her afterglow receded abruptly. Reality slammed her in the face as she recalled her reason for being in this position in the first place.

“Damn — you,” she panted, her heart still racing as the lassitude of the aftermath of great orgasms pulled her toward slumber. “You — had to… remind me.”

But he was cuddling her close, and the world faded away as she gave in to the siren pull of sleep that called to her.

Cocooned, utterly replete and slightly afraid, she found herself falling asleep in the arms of the alien who wanted to kill her.

A duo of Solos NC17 M/F from How Not to Date a Vamp from Changeling Press ! Look its Bad Barb! LOL


“Oh, God, yes.” Virgil closed his eyes and gripped his dick harder. “Mmm.” His strokes were tight and fast, sending tingles and bursts of fire spiraling through his veins.
The wet glide of skin against skin filled the small bedroom with sounds that complemented the moans pouring through his throat. The combined sounds drove his senses higher as sweat beaded, then dripped down his body.
One hand ran across his hairless chest, teasing a swollen nipple and making the muscles of his stomach tighten as sensation threatened to overwhelm him.
“Yes,” he purred as he imagined her, his Barbra, bent over him, her eyes sparkling as she presented her ass to be fondled, her pussy to be filled. God, he loved a big ass on a woman. The new saying was “more cushion for the pushing,” and Virgil found it hard to disagree with that notion.
God, Barb’s ass would be perfect, the cheeks wobbling as she thrust back against him, eager to have him slide his hard cock deep into her creamy center. He stroked faster as he imaged holding her sweet pink pussy open and taking a long slick taste.
She would taste like musk and woman, he decided. She would smell like the lemon and vanilla perfume she used and the hair that covered her private little mouth would be trimmed neat and soft as cotton.
He paused to slide his foreskin over the plum-colored head of his dick, looking down to see the knob disappear under the cowl of skin and reappear as he tightened his fist again.
The whole head was glistening, like it would be as his Barb pulled it from her mouth. Yes, his dream Barb was now on her knees, looking up at him, her eyes wide and innocent as she delicately sucked his dick deep into her mouth. She would smile, her lips stretched by the thickness of his cock, and she would pull it out with a small pop before allowing her tongue to run under his foreskin, teasing his slit before sucking the whole thing deep into her mouth again.
She would hum and choke a little as she tried to take him all down her throat. The sensation would send fire though his balls, over his back, and up his spine.
Yeah, she would choke on it, and spit would run down her chin. She would start to get deliciously messed up as she slobbered over his dick, growing more desperate as her own desires began to rise.
Her full, round breasts would bob as her gyrations become frenzied. She would rub them against his legs as she mewled helplessly up at him.
“Yes, Barb,” he whispered, imaging her spreading her thighs and presenting her swollen pussy for him to care for.
And he would care for it well. He would spread her lower lips as far as he could get them, and he would slam his dick deep inside her silky heat.
He tightened his grip on his cock and stroked faster, beating his meat hard, grunts leaving his throat as he bottomed out completely. His free hand left off teasing his nipples and dropped low to tug at his balls.
God, that felt good!
And his Barb, yeah, his Barb would be screaming, throwing her hips up, trying to get more of him deep inside as he took her balls-deep. Her nails would score the skin of his back as he pounded her. Her tits would bounce with every thrust, temping him to bend down and take a large, rosy nipple into his mouth, to suck, to nibble, to lave with his tongue.
God, she felt so good!
His hand moved faster and faster, and soon his hips were thrusting harder, his ass clenching, his thighs burning as he felt his release beckoning him.
But he needed more.
Faster he pounded himself, picturing Barb’s startled face, her mouth dropping open in surprise as just a little fear entered her eyes.
Yeah, that fear was a tasty delight to be realized.
She would fear him but her lust would override that fear. She would start to scream, to beg, to call out his name.
Virgil, Virgil, Virgil…
“Barb!” he shouted as his cock pulsed then exploded, sending spurts of his rich, creamy seed flying over his stomach.
“Yes, Barb,” he moaned, working his rapidly deflating cock, still running out his orgasm, extending his release until he was nearly too sensitive to touch.
“Mmm, Barb,” he whispered as his eyes slid shut. He knew he should get up and at least attempt to clean himself up, but his muscles were a weak, trembling mess.
If the ancient hunters thought to attack him now, there would be no escape for him. But he hadn’t had an issue with those people in generations. Maybe the last of them had died out.
He didn’t know for sure, but they had not bothered him for what seemed like eons, leaving him time to do the things he always wanted, like pay court to his beautiful Barb.
He brushed sweaty strands of hair from his forehead and relaxed into his pillows. He would rest a bit and then he would shower. He would be seeing his Barb soon, and he wanted to make a grand impression.
Life was going to be pretty easy from here on out, Virgil thought. Pretty easy indeed.
* * *
“God, yes!” Barb screamed to the empty bedroom. “Fresh batteries!”
Indeed, the Buzz Cock Three Thousand buzzed merrily away at ridiculously high speeds, proving its name to be accurate as Barb ran it along her clit.
Completely waterproof, the vibrator was the perfect sex toy for the busy woman on the go. Well, she might not be on the go, but she definitely planned on coming before she went anywhere. And the being she wanted to go with was a short, muscular fireplug of a vampire named Virgil.
God, knowing he wanted her, knowing she held power over that being, delivered almost if not more punch than her artificial dick.
Virgil with his tempting green eyes, with his long wavy hair, with his scruff of a five-o’clock shadow, his sometimes stutter, and his need for an inhaler. God, she loved nerdy boys. But a nerdy vampire, a vampire she could lead around, just a little, and teach. Yeah, that sent a liquid rush of dominance through her pussy and down between her thighs.
He wasn’t a virgin, but with the way he behaved around women, he had to be close to one. Being the person to show a centuries-old vampire the proper way to get it on was the height of arrogance, but she was up for the job.
She hissed as the vibrating head of the fake cock rubbed against her clit. “Not so hard,” she told herself as she began to circle the device over her pussy. She relaxed back in her tub of hot water, letting the heat sink into her body, her little toy buzzing away.
Yeah, her vampire was hot. If she closed her eyes, she could just picture him. He would be all innocent and shy. His large green eyes would widen as she reached out and gripped his cock. It would be uncut, she mused, considering how old he was. And it would be…
Hell, this was her fantasy. He would be at least nine inches long and thick enough to hit her every spot. Oh, yeah. She closed her eyes and the vibe slid along the lips of her pussy. She moaned at the stimulation, the sound echoing though her bathroom. Yes, he would fill her completely and tightly.
She spread her legs as far as they could go and slid the tip of her fake cock just inside. She hissed as the sensation shot upward through her stomach and tightened her nipples further.
The feel of the heat of the water mimicked the heat she imagined in his body, and her muscles strained in their desire to take the vibe in deeper. She raised her knees until her feet rested flat on the bottom of the tub, sending a thrill of submission through her.
She would submit to him a little, but she would have to teach him.
Sliding the vibe out of her quivering pussy, she directed it to her clit once more. “Yes,” she moaned, imagining his head sinking between her thighs. “Lick it, baby. Just lick up and down. Oh, yeah.”
She mimicked his tongue in her imagination by siding the head of her vibe down, teasing her labia as well as her swollen clit. She could feel her body let down its juices as she lost herself in her sordid fantasy.
Yeah, he would lick and suck at her. He would look up at her from between her spread thighs, seeking approval. She would grant it by tightening her hands in that sexy, tousled hair of his and slamming his face deep into her heat.
His hands would slide up her thighs and pull at her nipples. She let her free hand do that, hissing at the pleasure-pain she received by twisting and pulling at her own flesh. It added to the tension building within her. She whimpered, the sound raising her desire higher.
But would he want to explore? The Virgil in her mind did.
Her hand left off tugging at her nipples to slip down and around her thighs. She caressed her hot skin, licking her lips at the softness of it. She loved her body. Her body was perfect for her. And now she was going to reward it for being so sensitive and needy.
She let her fingers glide between her thighs and then slip back further. Her fingertips tickled at her perineum before they gently circled her anus.
“Ooh,” she moaned, pressing the vibe hard against her clit. Her hips jumped and water splashed, but she ignored it. The sensations were too delicious. She could feel the muscles tighten in her legs, feel her heart racing, feel her breath rasping from her mouth. She was fucking herself good, and it was the best thing ever.
Virgil would not shy away from exploring and pressing into this new aperture, so she allowed her fingertip to sink inside. “Virgil.”
The burning stretch was so pleasurable that she called out his name. Her hips slammed upward and her back arched as she gave in to the ecstasy of her own touch. The vibrator was tingling her clit, burning it, and the finger in her ass was touching on nerves that sent fire shooting through her whole body.
But it was not enough. Her clenching pussy felt so empty. She slid the vibe down on a trail of her own slick moisture and sank it deep into her pussy.
“Virgil!” she screamed again as the vibration awoke sensations in her pussy that she had never felt before. Never had she been so aroused!
The vibrations traveled back so she could feel the rapid movement on the finger in her ass and that sent more tender nerve endings in that hole aflame. Then she began to thrust with both finger and toy, and her world began to tilt.
The tension within her tingled as she fucked herself, her finger and the toy moving faster, taking up an unholy rhythm that had her screaming out for release. And then her muscles locked and tightened. Nearly mindless, she tilted her hand so that the base of her palm hit her sweet spot at the tip of her inner walls and stimulated her clit at the same time.
“Oh, oh, oh!” Her whole body shook as the restraints on her orgasm snapped. Hell, they exploded. She could feel the waves of extreme pleasure wash over her as her pussy clenched around the toy and her ass tightened around her finger.
Her silky smooth walls tightened and clamped down, sending her head back as she screamed, almost drowning her as a wave of water created by her spastic gyrations washed over her.
“Oh, God, coming.” She moaned as her orgasm swept over her, blinding her with its heat and intensity, and then it gently receded. The coil in her body set itself to be sprung at a different time, hopefully with a hot, flesh-and-blood man between her thighs.
She slowly pulled the now irritating vibrator from her overly stimulated pussy and eased her finger out of her ass. She turned off the toy and tossed it aside, her mind filled with images of a sweaty vampire looming over her.
That was fun, she thought as she relaxed in what was left of the warm water. But the real thing would be so much better. But for now, she was relaxed and in control, biding her time until she could ply her seduction and have her vamp right where she wanted him.
Yeah, her time was coming and coming soon.

A NC 17 bit of How Not to Date a Skunk…Changeling Press!!! Because I was dared on Writerspace! LOL

“So much perfection, mate.” He purred, burying his face in her neck and licking at the sensitive skin there. Bilana threw back her head, her hands tangling in Chaska’s long, white hair as she tried to pull his head lower. She spread her legs and made a place for his hot, hard body between them. “Mmm,” she moaned as she felt the press of his cock against her stomach, before he began to slither lower. “Ohhh, God.” Bilana moaned as his tongue traveled down. He lapped at her navel, nipped at her sides, and finally inhaled her deeply. “You smell so good…”He trailed off, nuzzling the crease where hip met thigh. “I bet I taste better.” She wasn’t quite at the demanding mark, but it was getting to be a close thing. “Let’s find out.” His voice was dark and husky as he gripped her thighs and spread them wider. “God, yes.” He purred, observing her for a moment before he dropped his head and nuzzled her pussy. “Chaska.” She moaned, demanding, closing her eyes as anticipation built. Then, before she could think to say something else, he was there. His broad tongue laved her clit. Instinctively, she closed her thighs around his head, holding him in place. He moaned his appreciation of the act. His hair was a thick, cool, white mass that slithered around her thighs, adding sensation to her already throbbing pussy. She could feel her juices slipping down to moisten the crease of her ass and couldn’t care. Maybe he would lap that up, too! It had been so long since she had been rimmed. But then thoughts fled as he latched onto her clit and sucked the swollen nub hard, his tongue flicking under the hood. She was moaning uncontrollably when he changed his grip on her thighs and pushed them back and out, making more room for himself as he settled down to eat. And eat he did. He abandoned her clit and dipped lower to nibble lightly at her labia, lapping at the fluids that slicked up her pussy lips. Bilana could feel her inner walls tightening, begging, and weeping with joy. Her stomach clenched as waves of pleasure washed over her. God, this felt so good! Her hands went to his hair, pulling and tugging until he eased his slurping and raised his head enough to reclaim her clit. “So good –” She panted, her head twisting from side to side as he grunted in agreement. He lifted his head, his lips glistening with her juices, and gave her a slow, wicked smile. As she watched, he slowly licked his bottom lip, cleaning her away before he dove down for more. “That — Oh, God, so hot –” She dropped her head back, and a long, whining moan rolled from her throat. Her toes were curling and her clit was itching and burning, a sure sign that she was about to… “Chaska!” She screamed as her thighs again slammed around his head, her hips ground up and she rode her first orgasm to completion on his face. She was still panting and huffing, her nipples so hard they hurt, her body sheened in sweat when she reached for him again. She was so empty! She needed to be filled. “Mine!” She all but roared as gripped his hair and pulled. This time, Chaska went with her direction and allowed himself to be rolled onto the couch as she switched positions with him. “So hard.” She moaned, running her hands over the solid planes of his chest and stomach. His hair surrounded his head like a pale nimbus, giving him an otherworldly beauty that stole her breath. But it did nothing to ease her growing addiction to his skin. She had to touch him. She lowered her head and nipped at his hard nipples, laving the pain away as he hissed and arched his chest up toward her. “More!” he demanded and she dropped low, resting her ass on his hard cock. She sucked his nipple back into her mouth before nipping at it again. “Yes,” he breathed, tossing his head back, his hands gripping her sides possessively. This was heaven, Bilana decided, sucking on his flesh, relishing the taste of him. He was salty and oddly sweet, almost like some edible flowers she’d once had in a restaurant in France. He was not an acquired taste — more like a necessary one. And then she was off, licking at his pecs, attacking the other nipple with fervor, smiling as he hissed when she pinched the one she’d so recently claimed. And through it all he encouraged her, gripped her hips, slapped her ass, and growled his pleasure out loud. She slid down lower, breaking his grip on her body as she finally came face-to-face with his cock. It was beautiful, thick and pale, a little darker than his golden skin and topped with a heart-shaped head peeking from a short foreskin. She had seen and had been with uncut men before, but it was always a thrill, as they seemed a tad more sensitive than their cut brothers. She reached out and gripped his base with her right hand, her left going to the wet knob of his head, her finger tracing his slit, spreading the leaking fluid around. Then she looked up at him and froze, as those black eyes seemed to stare right into her soul. He was beautiful. He was sexy. He was waiting for her to make the next move. And she was not one to keep him waiting for long. Still holding his gaze with her own, she lowered her head and lapped around his crown. Powerful flavors exploded on her tongue. He was slightly salty, but the sweetness of him overwhelmed the other flavors. She licked him again, almost like lapping melting ice cream from the cone before it made a mess of your hands. And she did it again and again until his hips were thrusting up. But his eyes stayed locked to hers. It was exciting, thrilling, being watched like this. Bilana felt her pussy grow even wetter, the inner muscles clenching around nothing, feeling so empty. She wanted to be filled, but first she wanted her fill of him. She wanted more of his pre-cum in her mouth; she wanted to roll the flavors around and then kiss him to see what he tasted like mixed with her. So she closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and sucked him down as deep as she could get him. He spat something in a language she couldn’t understand, but the hand tugging at her hair made his pleasure known. He had fistfuls of her hair in his hands and was shallowly thrusting his hips upwards, like he didn’t want to hurt or choke her. And Bilana appreciated the sentiment, but she wanted it rough. She brought her hands down and gripped his ass, pulling him forward until he began to slowly fuck her face, and she moaned her joy in the act. He slid across her tongue, sweet and thick and hot, like candy apples and other sweet, sticky things. She could feel every ridge and bump of his cock, felt the rounded head and used her tongue to tease under his foreskin, all the while sucking for all that she was worth. “Bilana.” He was panting, chanting her name as his hips and her mouth worked rhythmically. She could feel his balls on her chin, their softness making her want to suck his cock all the harder. She freed one hand from his ass to cup them, to tug them, to feel them rolling in their soft sac. Yes, this was good for him, but it was making her ever so horny!

An NC 17 M/M bit of How Not to Date a Fae

“When — when I was cast out,” Ario whimpered. “Please stop touching me.”

“Oh, you don’t want me to stop. Your body does not want me to stop, Ario.”

“Please?” he whined, almost beyond caring. All of this felt so good, and because it felt so good now, later it would be so very, very bad.

“But I want to touch you,” Cailte whispered, licking the ear before transferring his kisses to Ario’s neck. “And as a good host, you will strive to give me what I want.”

Ario writhed in indecision, but his conditioning was winning out over his common sense. He could feel his body begin to make itself ready to receive and give anything, lips, cock, or any information that the man lying over him wanted.

“And now, I want some answers, you windy bit of allure.” Cailte’s words were given with a soft kiss to his neck. “So when you were cast out, they cursed you?”

“My cousin.” Ario turned his head to the side, giving in to his earlier training and opening up all that he was for possession. “My cousin cursed me before Grandfather cast me away.”

“This cousin does not sound like a gentleman, no?” Cailte’s hand on Ario’s chin moved his head back to Cailte’s intense scrutiny so that the purple eyes bored deeply into his.

“No,” Ario agreed. “Not a gentleman.”

“And this curse…” Cailte nipped at the side of his neck.

“Causes me pain,” Ario gasped.

“By touching? ’Cause, lover, you don’t look to be in pain right now.”

“Sex,” Ario moaned, closing his eyes as shame gripped him. “I cannot experience orgasm without pain.”

“Now that is a right arsed thing to do.” Cailte reached down under Ario’s shorts and cupped Ario’s swollen cock.

“No!” Ario bit back his scream as the hot roughness of a hand not belonging to him gripped his cock.

But Cailte silenced him with his mouth. He lowered his head, pressed their lips together and swallowed down Ario’s cry, giving him his tongue in exchange. And, helplessly, Ario sucked at that appendage, spreading his legs as waves of white fire washed over his body.

“Yes,” Cailte murmured, reluctantly breaking the kiss. “I can break curses, Ario, m’love. Any curses.”

Ario opened his mouth to comment, when those purple eyes closed and Ario felt a warm rush of magic roll through his body.

“Mmm, a big one, Ario.” Cailte pulled away from the kiss, licking his bottom lip. “You are well built, lover. Feels good in my hand, in my mouth… in my ass.”

Ario moaned, his hips rocking helplessly as he felt magic the likes of which he had never felt run from Cailte’s fingers through his body.

“Cailte!” he struggled to say but his body arched even higher, a moan tearing from his throat as he felt his magic rise to meet that of his would-be lover.

It was a heady thing, the way the two magics melded and combined, twisting around each other, warming his whole being until Ario could feel a sliver of cold deep in his abdomen.

“The curse.” Cailte was speaking as he gripped Ario’s dick harder, the heat almost scalding. “That cold spot is the curse. I can feel it. Nasty bugger.”

Ario could not answer because as Cailte spoke he could feel his magic surrounding the cold spot and pushing at it.

“Together, lover,” Cailte whispered, his free hand reaching up to pull one of Ario’s hands from his waist. He twined their fingers together as Ario felt him give a magical push, and their magic combined once more. “Together,” he whispered, and suddenly Ario felt it damn easy to take that combined stream of heat and slash at the cold spot deep within his soul.

There was a pinch and then a painful explosion as the cold burst into shards that the combined magic melted before they could do more harm. But with the disappearance of that spot, Ario’s eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open.

“Ah!” he growled, his whole body stiffening. Fire raced down his spine as his balls rose high against the base of his dick. Odd noises and uncontrollable sounds were pouring from his mouth as his toes curled and his cock swelled to its hardest.

“Gods, yes,” Cailte breathed, pressing his palm against Ario’s cock, tightening his fingers around the shaft, pressing and rubbing that hardness faster and faster. “Give it up, lover. Give it up!” he urged, his hand tightening around Ario’s. “Come for me!”

“Can’t!” he whimpered, fear holding back the force of the release he had just fought to achieve. He’d felt the cold spot disappear, but dare he trust it? “I cannot!”

“You can!” Cailte groaned, leaning down and biting one nipple, the pain shooting straight down his chest to Ario’s balls. “You can do this, Ario! Take this, Ario! Take it! Trust me, lover. It’ll be so good… so good. Come for me, lover. Come for me!”

“Ca — Cailte, Cailte! Cailte!”

As if the commands were the final force to push him over, Ario’s eyes snapped shut, and his roar nearly shattered the window glass as his hips thrust up against Cailte’s hand. His cock began to spurt as his release tore through his body, his seed wetting Cailte’s fingers and dampening his shorts.

For the first time in years, Ario climaxed without the painful, tearing sensation that had prevented him from getting close to anyone. For the first time in years he climaxed, and the tears were not from loneliness and loss. For the first time the tears were for ecstasy, pleasure and triumph. For the first time… it seemed like the first time.