It’s the NC 17 M/F Hump Day Hump!!!

Because its coming out this week, how about a little NC 17 How not to Date a Skunk action? *g*





“That’s what I was there for.”


“I was away from my home when the season came upon me. The Standing Rock Tribe here is very closely related to my tribe through several family members and was delighted to host my search. They have a Gucge, a skunk, as well, though he is not quite ready to mate. But I took him under my wing to show him how a proper Gucge is supposed to behave. But I think my heat triggered his, and he became aggressive enough to challenge me.”


“Yes, he wanted one, so the battle you observed was set up. It was hoped that I would choose a maiden from his tribe, thereby strengthening our ties and adding fresh blood to my tribe, but I chose you.”

“Mate!” She shrilled the word this time, and it pulled him out of his soliloquy.

“Well, yes.”

“I didn’t sign on for a mate, man!”

“Yet you agreed in the presence of the elders that you were going with me.”

“Marriage is an institution, and I am not ready to be institutionalized!”

“You agreed.”

“Maybe I do,” she added as an afterthought before she leapt to her feet and began pacing. “Need to be in an institution,” she clarified as he tilted his head to the side, looking like a confused little furry woodland creature. “I am seeing people turn into animals.”

“You are amusing, mate.” Chaska chuckled, rising to his feet and standing directly in her path of pacing.

“I am not your –”

Before she could finish, a wave of scent hit her, so powerful it nearly dropped her to her knees. Her eyes widened as she inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of wood smoke, of pine and earth and man musk. It was so addictive that she inhaled again, moving closer to the source.

She didn’t realize she was up on her toes leaning into him with her nose buried in his neck until she felt his corded arms encircle her. Then she only had the strength to pull back enough to look up into his glittering black eyes.

“Hello, mate,” he drawled, pulling her close enough that she could feel the hard bulge of his cock boring with intent into her stomach.

“Well, hello,” she whispered in response before she could stop herself.

His grin was the last thing she saw as a wave of scent washed over her, and she was swept away with a hungry lust so powerful it left her a quivering mass of femininity in his arms.

She was not sure who made the first move, but suddenly clothing was flying around them, and she was touching bare flesh, bare, hot, soft, muscular, delicious flesh. Her back hit the couch and, before she could react, he was on top of her.

“God, yes!” She hissed, her nails digging into his back, desperate to feel more of him against her skin.

“So much perfection, mate.” He purred, burying his face in her neck and licking at the sensitive skin there.

Bilana threw back her head, her hands tangling in Chaska’s long, white hair as she tried to pull his head lower. She spread her legs and made a place for his hot, hard body between them. “Mmm,” she moaned as she felt the press of his cock against her stomach, before he began to slither lower.

“Ohhh, God.” Bilana moaned as his tongue traveled down. He lapped at her navel, nipped at her sides, and finally inhaled her deeply.

“You smell so good…”He trailed off, nuzzling the crease where hip met thigh.

“I bet I taste better.” She wasn’t quite at the demanding mark, but it was getting to be a close thing.

“Let’s find out.” His voice was dark and husky as he gripped her thighs and spread them wider. “God, yes.” He purred, observing her for a moment before he dropped his head and nuzzled her pussy.

“Chaska.” She moaned, demanding, closing her eyes as anticipation built.

Then, before she could think to say something else, he was there. His broad tongue laved her clit. Instinctively, she closed her thighs around his head, holding him in place. He moaned his appreciation of the act.

His hair was a thick, cool, white mass that slithered around her thighs, adding sensation to her already throbbing pussy. She could feel her juices slipping down to moisten the crease of her ass and couldn’t care. Maybe he would lap that up, too! It had been so long since she had been rimmed.

But then thoughts fled as he latched onto her clit and sucked the swollen nub hard, his tongue flicking under the hood. She was moaning uncontrollably when he changed his grip on her thighs and pushed them back and out, making more room for himself as he settled down to eat.

And eat he did. He abandoned her clit and dipped lower to nibble lightly at her labia, lapping at the fluids that slicked up her pussy lips. Bilana could feel her inner walls tightening, begging, and weeping with joy. Her stomach clenched as waves of pleasure washed over her. God, this felt so good!

Her hands went to his hair, pulling and tugging until he eased his slurping and raised his head enough to reclaim her clit.

“So good –” She panted, her head twisting from side to side as he grunted in agreement.

He lifted his head, his lips glistening with her juices, and gave her a slow, wicked smile. As she watched, he slowly licked his bottom lip, cleaning her away before he dove down for more.

“That — Oh, God, so hot –” She dropped her head back, and a long, whining moan rolled from her throat.

Her toes were curling and her clit was itching and burning, a sure sign that she was about to…

“Chaska!” She screamed as her thighs again slammed around his head, her hips ground up and she rode her first orgasm to completion on his face.

She was still panting and huffing, her nipples so hard they hurt, her body sheened in sweat when she reached for him again. She was so empty! She needed to be filled.

“Mine!” She all but roared as gripped his hair and pulled.

This time, Chaska went with her direction and allowed himself to be rolled onto the couch as she switched positions with him.

“So hard.” She moaned, running her hands over the solid planes of his chest and stomach. His hair surrounded his head like a pale nimbus, giving him an otherworldly beauty that stole her breath. But it did nothing to ease her growing addiction to his skin. She had to touch him.

She lowered her head and nipped at his hard nipples, laving the pain away as he hissed and arched his chest up toward her.

“More!” he demanded and she dropped low, resting her ass on his hard cock. She sucked his nipple back into her mouth before nipping at it again. “Yes,” he breathed, tossing his head back, his hands gripping her sides possessively.

This was heaven, Bilana decided, sucking on his flesh, relishing the taste of him. He was salty and oddly sweet, almost like some edible flowers she’d once had in a restaurant in France. He was not an acquired taste — more like a necessary one.

And then she was off, licking at his pecs, attacking the other nipple with fervor, smiling as he hissed when she pinched the one she’d so recently claimed. And through it all he encouraged her, gripped her hips, slapped her ass, and growled his pleasure out loud.

She slid down lower, breaking his grip on her body as she finally came face-to-face with his cock. It was beautiful, thick and pale, a little darker than his golden skin and topped with a heart-shaped head peeking from a short foreskin. She had seen and had been with uncut men before, but it was always a thrill, as they seemed a tad more sensitive than their cut brothers.

She reached out and gripped his base with her right hand, her left going to the wet knob of his head, her finger tracing his slit, spreading the leaking fluid around. Then she looked up at him and froze, as those black eyes seemed to stare right into her soul.

He was beautiful. He was sexy. He was waiting for her to make the next move.

And she was not one to keep him waiting for long.


A totally NC 17 m/m Hump day Hump snippit from Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

Chapter 2

“Oh my God, I don’t believe what my eyes are trying to tell me!”

“What?” the voiced in her hear squeaked. “What, Judy? What happened?”

“I just saw… oh my God! I can’t believe it! And right next door too!”

“What! What did you see? Judy, don’t make me come over there!”

“Mona,” Judy panted, her chest heaving and her panties decidedly damp as she watched the two men leave her sight. “Live yaoi!”

The squeal as her nest friend let out was almost deafening.

“I’m coming over!”

“You are at work!”

“I can get out early!”

“They are inside now,”


Judy cackled as she slammed the door to her Rent-A-Hauler truck and stepped onto the street in front of her new rental.

“Damn is too weak a word,” she moaned, fanning herself with a weak hand. “You didn’t see my neighbors.”

“Are they hot?”

“Out of Men’s fitness,” she moaned, leaning against the closed truck door as she began to picture all of the nasty little…big things the two hunks were going to be doing to each other. “One seme and one definite uke…I think. Maybe they switch?”

“I’m coming over.”


“You need help unpacking and I need something pretty to look at. And are they right next door kind of neighbors or down t eh street neighbors?”

“Next door.”

“I’m bringing my video camera too!”


“What? You not willing to share the eye candy? I’ll bring the wine.”

“Make it two bottles,” Judy chuckled. “It was a lot to see and from what I can tell,” she peered at the house where the two beautiful men had disappeared, “They don’t have curtains.”

“Need a roomie?” Mona chucked.

“Go away,” Judy laughed, her amusement easing some of the tension in her aroused body. “And hurry up and get here.”

“On my way.”

Judy disconnected the phone and chucked as she looked around her. It looked like she moved into the perfect neighborhood. Well, she allowed as she rose up and made the shirt walk up the driveway to the front door of her new rental, it had the perfect scenery.”


“Harder!” Blake was moaning, his pleasure as his lover pounded into him harder.

His arms were thrown over Krika’s neck; his legs wrapped around his lover’s waist as the man tightened his grip on his waist and began to pound him in earnest.

“Kri!” he moaned, his head falling back as a his wild lover spread his knees further on the bed on which he knelt and braced him so he could give Blake was he was begging for.

Blake gasped at each thrust, the small sounds of shock and pleasure forcing itself from his throat each time his lover’s balls slammed into his ass, each time his pelvis hit the cushioned cheeks of his ass, each time his lovers wide cock speared him to the fullest.

He was lost in sensation, his head hanging back as he began to loose control f hi body.

He was barely aware when Krika moved forward, dropping his back to the bounding mattress so that he cold loom over him.

The thrusts never stopped and neither did the words pouring for Kirka’s mouth.

“Such a pretty little ass,” he praised, “—tight little hole you have for me.”

His mindless chatter only added fuel to the flames of Blake’s desire as he stared deeply into the eyes of his lover, helpless mewls purring up from his throat.

“Yes, baby,” he spoke in low tones, a groan in his voice as he allowed his ling red hair to envelop both of their faces. “You like this dick in your ass? You like this dick fucking your ass?”

“Um hum,” Blake managed and that was about all he could. His body was shuddering, his muscles quivering under the steady onslaught of passion from Krika.

“Yeah?” Kirak asked, slowing his body until his thrusts took on a serpentine grind that sent fire shooting through his body,

“Yeah,” he breathed, his chest arching up as his form began to quiver uncontrollably.

“Yeah, baby. Mmm.” Kirka finally purred. “Love my baby’s tight ass. Love how you grip me. Yeah, tight little hole.”

Then suddenly he took up his pounding rhythm again.

Blake let out a yowl and reached for his cock, desperate to ease some of the tension that was driving him mad.

But Kria intercepted him.

“No, pretty kitty,” he breathed, “You come on my dick alone.”

Blake cursed in frustration before his eyes flittered shit as Krika shifted again, striking his prostrate and several nerves, making his body stiffen as the world began to spin madly around him.

“Can’t!” he panted, his head grinding into the pillows behind him. “Can’t hold—“

“Let it go, baby!” Kirka demanded, increasing the already demanding pace of his thrusts, spanking Blake’s ass with his hips and he powerfully slammed into the smaller make. “Let it all go for me!”

Blake was no panting, his hands helplessly digging into the bedding beside him as his fingertips began to tinge.

“Krika!” he shouted as he felt his control slip and his stomach muscles tighten as a shocking pleasure began to fill him.

“Yeah, baby,” Krika was shouting. “Come on. Let it go! Let it got baby.”

A burning pain ran down Blake’s limbs and mingled with the pleasure as if one was dependent on the other. Both grew and spread when combined, the burning, the itching the throbbing and tearing. He could not take much more! He was going to—break!

And when his control snapped, a sharp pain that was quickly lost in his pleasure buried his hands as long talons exploded, tearing into the bedding, sending tufts of cotton flying in the air around them.

“Kria!” Blake roared his lovers name as his body froze in a tight arch, as his head snapped forward as his body tired to curl in on itself.

He roared wordlessly as wide ivory fangs exploded from his upper jaw and the shadow of dark stripes flared up from beneath the surface of his skin.

“Fuck yeah!” Kriaka was moaning as Blake’s body went wild beneath him. “Yeah baby! Le tit all out! Give it up to me! Give it up now!”

And then without ever being touched, Blake’s thick cock exploded, sending streamers of pearly white semen spraying over the corded muscles of his chest.

He roared again and threw his head back as his body seemed to free itself form all restraints and shook violently. The walls in his ass slammed down on the long hard cock penetrating him and it was all he could do to remember to breathe.

“So good, baby,” Kirka was now purring, bending over him once more to lap at his neck, his hear, his chin, and finally at the blood that dripped form the side of his mouth from where his fangs tore through.

His body was sensitized and each of Krika’s movements sent another shaft of pure pleasure zooming through his being.

And Kirka was now going for his own release.

Blake managed to open his eyes and look up as his lover’s skin took on a mass of white stripes, as his bared his teeth and his own ling fangs exploded, as the hands beside his head twisted and cured into something that was a cross between human and beast.

Krika gave up his control and allows a partial shift even as his cock hardened further in Blake’s ass before it began to throb and quiver.

“Here it comes, baby,” Kiraka growled, his voice going deeper as the partial change solidified. “Here it comes!”

Then Bake threw his hips up, tingling his hole around the formidable prick in his ass, pulling a shout from Kirka. “Yeah baby! Tighten around that dick! Clench down on it! Make me come!”

The warm gush of Krika’s release was a soothing balm that exited as Blake whimpered his acceptance of the gift his lover bestowed upon him.

And Krika trembled above him; he reached up and pulled the larger male to his chest, a deep purr rumbling in his chest as he held his devastated lover.

Slowly, he could feel Kriak’s muscles relax and giving into exhaustion as he shifted slightly so that he full weight was not on the smaller make, but she still enveloped him, protected him with his body.

“Perfect baby,” Kriaka moved again siding up so that he cradled Blake’s face in his neck as if sheltering him from the world, his own deep rumble of a purr joining with his lover’s.”

They lay devastated in a mass of tangled hair, sweat, and exhaustion but both were completely satisfied,

Blake knew that it would take some time for his outward changes to receded, but he didn’t mind so long as he was cradled comfortably in his lover’s arms.

Unlike Krika who could change at will, it was always a struggle for Blake to let go of the chains he placed on his own body. He had no idea why this was so, but both Amur and Kira figured it had something to so with his particular species of extinct tyger.

Caspian Tygers had been rare before Mongols invaded Russia and by the time he was discovered, he appeared to be the last one. He had no one to teach him the ways of his people so when he was discovered by the clan of Siberian’s who had taken him in, everything he learned about survival was based in instinct and need.

Krika figured that he needed to hide what e was from the nomadic tribe who had found him, so therefore it was hard for him to relax his control of the change.

But whatever the reason, he could change with a bit of effort, thought it took longer for him to return to his human shape.

But none of that mattered right now. Right now the sun was shining thought he windows, the air was warm and fragrant with he smell of animal musk and raw sex, and he was comfortable lost in the next of hair and skin that was created by his lover.

He would think more about things later, after a nap. And then his lover could tell him about this new border who moved in next to them and seemed oddly interested in the sight of two grown men kissing.

Okay people! It’s time for the HUMP DAY HUMP! NC 17 for smexy stuff! Today’s snippit is from my upcoming release from Changeling Press, Kopi Luwak! *g* Hot Male on Female..and vice versa action! LOL


“Oh yeah, this will do nicely.”

“Do for what?” She slammed her hands on her hips and glowered at him for all that she was worth.

She was fed up, mad at her sister’s phone call, confused that there were actually beings that shifted in the first place, and sexually frustrated because the mythological shifting being was naked and sprawl across her bed.

What was wrong with the world?

“Mating,” he purred, rolling over to his side, his bronze skin shining as he shifted, muscles rippling as he patted the space beside him. “Get over here and let’s get to it.”

“Get to it!” she grumbled.

“You wanted to be independent, wild, free, to taste the exotic and have pleasures that you have never felt before.”

“I—I did…”

“You want it,” he insisted, his dark eyes narrowing as he licked his full lips slowly. “You know you want it. Here it is, your opportunity to take it.”

“I—I don’t—“

“You don’t have to listen to your sisters or any other human being on this planet. You do not have to settle. You can reach out and take what you want. You can be the bold brash, brave, Missi that I see in this room, in this apartment. I can see the passion in you Missi. I can feel it. I can taste it. Do not settle Missi. You deserve better than that. You deserve it all. You deserve—“

“You?” she cut him off.

But yon naked shifter’s words made sense.

All her life she had existed in the shadow of her beautiful more talented sisters, Sylvie especially. She had done what they wanted because that is what they said good sisters did. She pushed aside her own wants and needs to ensure that they were happy.

When was it her turn?

She turned her gaze back to the man on the bed and a slow grin spread across her lips.

Maybe it was time now.

“But only if you wish it,” he added, looking as serious as he ever had since she met him.

Did she wish it?

She looked over at the man and was hard pressed not to rub her thighs together and moan.

“If this is not what you want, not what you truly want, Missi, tell me. I am not here to force you into anything.”

“Well that is a big turn around from you earlier mating call,”

“I don’t want to pressure you,” he shrugged. “This is not some cheap romance novel or a under budgeted porn movie, Missi. This is real life—“

“Says that man who can turn into a cat.”

“This is real,” he ignored her grousing. “I am not here to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. But I can smell your desire.”

Again, she just stared at him, this time nibbling her bottom lip.

“I can tell that you want me, Missi. I can hear your heart racing at the thought of me spreading you out on this bed and licking from your hard nipples down to your pretty little pussy.”

Well, she did. And oddly enough, she felt a little more comfortable around the man now that he wasn’t’ trying to toss her into the bed and ravage her… Though ravishment sounded pretty good right about now.

And he was so hot, just standing there, fanning his fingers over his chocolate drop nipples, making them peak about as hard as hers felt inside her bra.

He was offering, not demanding.

Her eyes traveled down to that ungodly huge piece of meat swinging between his thighs, watched as he noticed her watching, watched as it began to grow and stretch, getting hard and thick before her interested eyes. And it was all for her.

She suddenly recalled the spirit and the mood that had her tossing drinks and storming away from a bad date.

She was not accepting crumbs anymore. She was worth a damn sight more than that!

She would not settle! She was reaching out with both hands and taking what she wanted. And she would do it now.

“Nicolau,” she snarled. “Brace yourself. It’s time I get what I want, and I plan on starting with your cock. Lock and load, baby, it’s going to be a long night.”

She pounced hard.

Nicolau let out a hiss as Missi crawled up onto the bed, her eyes gleaming as she stared up his body.

Oh, she liked that noise. She hoped that she could hear it again.

“Too many clothes,” Nicolau muttered. Rolling to over to lie completely on his back, resting on his elbows. “You need to lose some more of them, pretty.”

“Pretty?” She tilted her head to the side and rolled her eyes. “Yeah right.”

But she obediently rose up on her knees and gripped the hem of her dress. She whipped it over her head, for once, not self-conscious about her body.

“Yes,” he breathed and suddenly Missi felt sexy.

It was a strange feeling, knowing that even if she slipped and fell on her ass, this man, this beautiful piece of man, would still find her tempting.

She narrowed her eyes and slowly crawled to him, slapping his legs lightly with her palms until he spread them for her.

“Oh yeah,” she breathed, as she watched his hard cock rest against his stomach, his full balls shifting in their sack between his legs. He had placed himself in a very vulnerable position for her, and she found it tasty.

“Take off more, please?” His eyes were filled with lust as his tongue darted out to lap at those full lips. His breathing was labored.

She paused in her visual stalking of him to look down at her underwear. For some odd reason, a flash of fear ran through her. Had she put on her good panties and bra? She couldn’t remember.

But the full mounds of her breasts resting in the black lace cups that actually did as advertised, lifting and separating until she had a beautiful rack set out for display.

Oh yeah, the good panties…but with the lights so bright…

“Off,” he urged, licking his lips again and sitting up to rest on his elbows again and suddenly saggy breasts were the least of her worries. There was only one way to get that pretty mouth, those luscious lips, wrapped around her nipples.

Before her subconscious could sabotage her with self-doubts again, the front closure was flicked open and the bra was thrown someplace behind her.

“Perfect,” he purred and that made Missi arch her back, really giving the old girls some face time with the beautiful man who was so admiring them.

“You like how this looks?” she asked, resting long hands on his thighs, sliding in between his spread legs until her knees were up against the corded muscles of his thighs.

“Very much so.”

“They taste even better.”

After that, her whole world twisted as he reared up and wrapped both hands around her waist. Her back hit the soft mattress around the same time that she realized that maybe she just might have bit off a little bit more than she could chew.

But then his suckling mouth was on her neck, licking and nibbling until the sensations wanted to make her giggle like a girl and beg for him to stop. But in actuality, it wasn’t enough. The sharp spikes of desire flowing through her were growing and they were growing in direct coalition with his mouth.

She gasped as his teeth nipped at the thick tendon on the side of her neck before he lapped the sting away and moved on down to her shoulders.

Okay, that was good but not as good as a nipple suck!

“I’m getting there,” he chuckled and Missi felt herself flush with embarrassment as she realized that, yes, she had actually said that out loud.

“Sorry… I—I didn’t…”

“Give me orders, baby,” he purred. “I like it when you tell me what to do.”

And if that wasn’t a while can of worms he just opened.

Before she could comment again, he was sliding down her body and—

“Sweet Baby Jesus!” She damn near screamed that, her going out press on nails popping off as she reflexively dug her nails into his back. Her legs spread was suddenly more welcoming that the St Louis Arch and her pussy reflected its joy in liquid tears.

The man had one talented tongue!

She found herself arcing up against his hard body, rolling her hips like a pole dancer, and throwing her head back as pleasure swamped her.

“So responsive,” he pulled off her nipple long enough to mutter, lapping at it as he stared up at her.

Missi managed to blink the haze of lust form her eyes long enough to tell him, “I have two nipples,” before she layback and relaxed into her possession.

And possess her he did. His tongue traveled form one nipple to the next, sucking hard and lightly nipping often. He suckled so hard one time that she felt her nipple was going to pop, and still it wasn’t enough. She wanted more, damn it!

Then he was sliding lower, his fingers plucking at her nipples as his head dropped.

“Please, please, please,” she was chanting as one of her hands went to his head to push him lower towards the golden ring.

And she never once thought of how annoying that was when men did that shit to her. She knew where she wanted his mouth„ and she wanted him to stop taking his time with it.

“Getting there,” he chuckled sliding now closer.

By this time, Missi was rolling her hips against the hard muscle of his stomach. If he didn’t hurry, she would get her stimulation any way she could. And she discovered that washboard abs were good for that.

“Nic!” she moaned as he dropped both hands to cup her ass, and gave her a hard squeeze before he rose up onto his knees, pushing her pussy harder against his flesh.

“You making me all wet, bebe’,” he whispered. “I like it!”

At his words, her pussy exploded, it pulsed and tingled, sending shivers thought her body and pulling incoherent noises from her mouth. Damn if Nic hadn’t made her cum already.

But, instead of abating, the desire in her continued to build. She wanted…needed more and she needed it soon.

“One,” Nic purred, bending over to press his lips against her slightly slack ones, breathing in the air she exhaled. “So many more to go.”

And Missi realized that she was glad, ecstatic even, to have made the decision to allow him to stay.

She licked her dry lips and smiled up sweetly at him and said the one thing that came to her mind.

“Eat my pussy…now!”