Typhoid Flashy Sale? Im not infectious! Please vote me clean and innocent! LOL

Typhoid Flashy Sale

Posted by: “ChangelingPress@aol.com” ChangelingPress@aol.com  shelbymorgen

Tue Jun 7, 2011 6:42 pm (PDT)

Finally got to meet Zen in person last week. She and Flashy came up to the
office for a visit. Zen is the soul of innocence — hard to imagine she
hangs out with Flash.

Flash, however, is far from innocent. She tried to kill me. Again. Can you
say Typhoid Flashy? I know it was Flashy’s fault. She has kids. Teenagers.
Teenagers bring home germy things. And being Flash, she SHARED. And just
as I’m trying to crawl out of death’s second cellar door, my darling man now
has this plague.

Therefore, in honor of Flash and her killer toxic teenagers’ bugs, and the
fact that I have no energy to tell you all about the great books I’ve been
reading, we’re going to have a 24 hourish Typhoid Flashy sale.

From now till whenever I can crawl back to the keyboard to turn it off, use
the discount code “ToxicTeenagers” if you think Flash is the carrier. If,
on the other hand, you think sweet, lovable Zenobia actually infected me
with this plague, place an order using the code “Innocence” — either way,
you get at least 24 hours — probably more at this rate — to vote for your
favorite Toxic Author AND save 10% on your next order.

Vote Early. Vote Often. I’m going back to bed now. Happy shopping!

Oh, yeah. _www.ChangelingPress.com_ (http://www.ChangelingPress.com) .
But you knew that.

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