Haooy New Year

Happy New year everyone! *g*

I hope that 2011 brings strength, clarity, good fortune, and all the good things that come with them! *g*

I love you all and I thank you for being a part of what makes me whole.

Please let us send prayers to those who are suffering, ill, and/or in need. And to those who are coping in these troubled times, let us pray for their continued success.

I would preach about forgiveness of enemies but I have to work on that myself, so I would just ask that we learn to forgive them to enhance the purity of our own selves. (my own self is not pure yet, but it’s getting there! *g*)

Loves you all, my darlings, and Here’s to another year! *g* WOO HOO We survived, though it all, we survived…and we get to do it one more year! *g*

Flash, looking ahead and seeing blue skies!!!

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